2018 - 2019 Theme Communities

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Theme communities bring together residents who share common interests and goals around a particular topic or theme. Many of the communities interact with faculty and staff and other campus departments enriching the student experience.   There are a number of theme communities available for residents to choose from.  

WELLness - Jenkins Hall

The WELLness Community encourages an active lifestyle, recreation, and a commitment to holistic wellness.  

Honors Community - Riverview Hall

The Honors Community brings together residents who are accepted into the General Education Honors Program providing a challenging, innovative, and stimulating learning experience. Residents also take academic classes in Riverview Hall.

Global Village - American River Courtyard

The Global Village is intended to build community and friendships among international students and domestic students.  Residents of the Global Village engage in cultural events, specialized programs and intentional interactions with students from various cultural backgrounds.  

Community Engagement - Desmond Hall

Residents living in this community share a common interest in volunteer work, community service and engaging with the surrounding Sac State community. In addition to volunteer efforts in the community, residents have the opportunity to participate in programs such as the American River Clean-Up and Alternative Spring Break, along with volunteering in the community.

Leadership - Sierra Hall

Residents of the Leadership Community have the unique opportunity to participate in the University’s ‘Leadership Initiative’ a certificate program designed to develop students’ leadership and professional skills. Students will also participate in workshops, retreats, and training opportunities within their community.

Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI) - Sutter Hall

SJI is ideal for residents who want to develop a greater understanding of social justice and inclusivity and how their voices can help make a difference in their community.    

The Full Circle Project - Draper Hall

The Full Circle Project aims to improve retention and graduation rates of underrepresented Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and other high-need students through rigorous coursework, academic support, intentional student organization and leadership opportunities, career planning and meaningful community engagement.