1.   Visit the University Housing Services website at Find out about our housing options, theme programs, and amenities.

2.   Thoroughly read the following:

3.  Set Up your SacLink ID and campus email (SacLink) accounts so that you can receive correspondence from University Housing Services.  For more information, please visit  Please complete this process at least three (3) business days prior to accessing the online housing application so our housing system can recognize you as an incoming student.

4.   If you are under the age of 18 when completing the online housing application, you should be prepared to provide parent/guardian identification and email information so that they can be provided with access to sign the License Agreement information.  This will be necessary in order for you to submit your application.  

5.  Gather the following information to have available when completing the application.

  • Sac Link ID and Password
  • Sac State ID#  (9 digits)
  • Family Email Address - University Housing Services may want to share program or activity updates with family members. You will have the opportunity to enter name and email information for up to two parent/guardian or family members to be included on a mailing list. 
  • Housing Emergency Contact Information - You may supply information for up to two emergency contacts which includes name, telephone, mail and email addresses.
  • Health Insurance Information - You may supply primary policy member’s name and insurance company.
  • Meal Plan Choice - Read through the information provided on the website and the Housing and Dining Commons License Agreement documents to decide which Meal Plan fits you best. 
  • Building, Room and Suite Type Preferences - Specific room and roommate/suitemate assignments will occur later, however as part of the application, you may list up to four room type preferences.  We suggest that you read the housing options description information on the website prior to completing the application.  Please note that these are preferences only and are not guaranteed.
  • Meningococcal Disease and Vaccine Information -  VIEW - You will be asked to report your vaccination status.