Work Order - How To Do A

  • Residents should contact their front desk staff if they are having any maintenance issues.

Emergency Services & Maintenance

The Housing Facilities Services Maintenance group provides emergency service response beyond normal working hours in the evening, on holidays, and over weekends for urgent maintenance concerns which cannot wait until the next workday.

For emergency services contact the person on duty for your residence hall. Examples of emergency services include:

  • Electrical hazard
  • Loss of hot or cold water
  • Loss of heat or steam
  • Loss of electricity
  • Gas leaks (natural gas smell)
  • Flooding or major leak
  • Lock malfunction or breakage
  • Broken windows with glass shards
  • Passengers locked in an elevator
  • Bodily fluid clean up






Routine(Non-Emergency) Services & Maintenance

Repairs of existing components:

  • Fixtures – lights, plumbing, heat registers, fans, window screens
  • Hardware – locks, windows and screens, knobs, mirrors
  • Furniture – wardrobes, dressers, closet doors

Routine requests for maintenance in YOUR living space can be placed at your front desk. When making a request please tell your Front Desk Assistant the following include:

  • Name
  • Call back number(let us know the best time to reach you if we have questions about your request) Residence hall
  • Room number
  • Room Letter: A, B, C, D, E
  • Nature of the problem

All requests received will be processed on the next REGULAR BUSINESS day. You should expect response or feedback within two business days. If this does not occur DO NOT place another work order, contact your Residence Life Coordinator and inquire about the status of your request.