Types of Fee Waiver Benefits


There are three types of fee waivers:


  1. Job Related

Eligible faculty and staff may take courses specifically to improve their performance in their current job or to acquire additional skills needed to perform newly assigned duties and responsibilities. These employees are not matriculated students and are not working toward a degree. Employee is admitted as a transitory student (normal application and admission procedures do not apply) and no career development plan is required, although the courses the employee intends to take will be reviewed to determine whether the courses are job related.  Employee must re-apply for job related fee waiver every term.


  1. Career Development

Eligible faculty and staff may take courses required or credit toward the attainment of an identified academic goal (e.g. a degree, a certificate or a credential).  The employee must be an admitted, matriculated student.  Employee must re-apply for fee waiver every term.


  1. Dependent Fee Wavier

Eligible faculty and staff Eligible staff employees may transfer their fee waiver benefit to a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child. The qualified dependent must be matriculated toward a degree or attainment of a teaching credential in the CSU.


*** Note:  Courses may not be taken for auditing purposes under the Fee Waiver Program.


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