Independent Contractor Information

Independent Contractors are identified by the absence of an “employer-employee” relationship. An Independent Contractor is typically determined by the “common law control test” and more recently, the “ABC Test”. These two methodologies are aimed at assessing of the contracting agency’s control as to the end product, final result of the work, or manner in which the work is performed.  In accordance with the Supreme Court decision, Dynamex Operations West vs. Supreme Court, the ABC TEST applies the presumption is that all workers are employees, unless the employer can prove otherwise.


Service Levels

Classification and Compensation’s service levels for processing an Independent Contractor review can vary. Our current service level goal is to complete IC reviews within 5-7 business days after the request is received in Human Resources. Please note, requests that are submitted without the appropriate documentation may result in delays to the review process

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Submitting an Independent Contractor Request




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