Employment Services: Who To Contact

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Contact                                                                                      Department Responsibility

Employment Services Manager

  • Information coming soon

Robert Bartley
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
(916) 278-3884

  • Staff recruitment process- request to advertise
  • MPP recruitment process- request to advertise and search committee meetings
  • Staff job offers and negotiations
  • Staff and MPP LiveScan paperwork
  • New Employee Orientation (MPP and Staff)
  • Staff and MPP unemployment claims

Tianna Rhodes
Administrative Support Coordinator
(916) 278-7251

  • Permanent Employee Transactions
  • Person of Interest (POI) Requests
  • Personnel Documents Request

Amy Yu
Administrative Support Coordinator
(916) 278-6627

  • Emergency 60/90/180 Appointments
  • Agency temps
  • Casual Workers
  • Helper/Aid
  • Volunteers
  • Rehired Annuitants
  • Special Consultant
  • New Hire Orientation