General Forms Troubles

When I view or print the form the lines are off, and the formatting does not look right. We have found that this is most often caused by having an older version of MS Word or Office than 2000.  The forms were all created in MS Word 2000, with the exception of the application form.  We have found that even Word 98 can alter the formatting of the forms because it is an older version.  At this time we would suggest having Office 2000 installed on your computer, or contacting the Computer Center to inquire about checking the software out to install yourself.  

I cannot tell where I am supposed to, or am able to type. We have found that it is easiest to have the Form Shading turned ON in a Microsoft Word Document that is protected.  To do this, it is easiest to go to your the View menu, select Toolbars, and select Forms.  On the Forms toolbar, there is a shading button, click on this and it will turn your shading on.  This shading will not appear when you print the document, but will aid you in finding the spots you can type in.

I am not able to type as much as I need to in certain areas. - OR- Some of what I type is not showing up.  In order to accommodate the formatting of the form itself, we had to limit some areas of the form.  We have tried to judge the best amount to allow typed in the areas.  If you type beyond the allowed amount of text characters, the over-run will disappear.  If you run out of room, we would suggest abbreviating what you can.  We have left many of the spaces unlimited in the amount of characters that can be typed. 

Cutting and Pasting It is fairly easy to cut and paste into the forms, however, there are some difficulties that we have noticed when doing so.  If you cut from another document into the forms page, you will lose any special formatting which you had in the original document.  For example, separate paragraphs may become one large paragraph after being copied into a form.

What we suggest is to copy in pieces.  If you have different paragraphs which you would like to remain separate from one another, copy them in pieces, and then set up the placement for the next piece before copying it.  This will take longer than normal, but may save you time in the end when trying to reformat the text.  

I am not able to bold, italicize, or underline any of the text that I enter.  Also, I am not able to choose my own font, or font size.  In order to protect the document, we have to make the settings ourselves and they are now locked from being changed by a user other than our office.  We have found in the past that documents which were left unlocked, or unprotected, were often changed.  We would like the document to stay standard, and therefore had to limit the font the user types to be size 10 in the font of Times New Roman.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  

Position Description Form

In the Essential Functions Portion, specifically the percentage and frequency areas, I am not able to line up the typing in the columns.  We have been working on this portion of the form in an effort to make it more user friendly.  Unfortunately, we have not come up with a solution yet.  What we suggest in the meantime, is to type the portion in the "Essential Functions Only" column first.  Then, when you have it all typed, go to the "Percent of Time" and "Frequency" columns and type in the corresponding percentages and frequencies.  To do this, type in a percentage/frequency and then hit enter until you are lined up with the next duty, paragraph, etc. and type the next corresponding percentage/frequency.  

When the form is printed, it does not come out looking as though it is formatted correctly.  The pages are not "clean" looking. We have set-up tables, and the form itself, according to how it should look when it is blank.  Unfortunately, we never know if the room we have allotted will be enough for every department's needs, therefore we have left the tables with an "unlimited" setting for characters typed.  This means that the tables will extend as more information is being typed into them, causing the pages to align in different ways.  If you would like a cleaner copy, we would suggest simply hitting enter and extending the tables to a point where they align on the pages in a more orderly fashion.       

Performance Evaluation Form

The "Comments" sections seem to be limited to only one line, is there any way to type more? The comment section looks as though it is one line.  However, the table will move down as you type allowing for as much room as is necessary.  We have left this space unlimited in the number of characters that can be entered.  

Request to Advertise Form

If you have any concerns which have to do with this form, please let us know. To e-mail any comments, suggestions, and/or problem reports please click here.  Otherwise, please contact our office at (916)278-6326