Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: Why do I need to report an absence?

A: Faculty are required to report applicable absences per CFA Bargaining Agreement Article 24.5:

“A faculty unit employee shall be responsible for immediately reporting an absence to the appropriate administrator”

Reporting absences is your way of certifying your work attendance and providing justification as to the reason for your time away from the work place.

Q: How do I know if I need to report an absence?

A: Faculty employees report only full day absences. If you did not report to work and missed a full scheduled day, you will need to report that time as sick leave or a personal holiday. Faculty receive one personal holiday per calendar year.

Q: When do I report attendance?  

A: We encourage you to enter your absence as soon as possible. Department Chairs/Deans will need to approve the online submissions by the monthly deadline.  

An email notification will be sent to all employees after the final day of the pay period. The notification will include the reporting timelines.  Self-Service Absence Management also allows employees to enter absences on a daily basis; you do not have to wait for the email notification

Q: Do I need to do anything if I didn’t take any time off?  

A: Yes, all employees are required to report their attendance for each pay period.  If you were not absent, select “No Leave Taken” and submit it for approval. A reminder email will be sent to those who do not submit their time.  

Q: What dates are included in each pay period?  

A: You will find a list of current and future calendars on the Payroll website. Also to note:

  • The dates do not always correspond with the begin and end dates of the calendar months. 
  • The academic calendar does not match the standard campus calendar. Please carefully review the payroll calendar for specific academic notations.

Q: What absences do I earn?

A: All faculty (excluding rehired annuitants) earn 1 personal holiday per calendar year. Faculty also earn sick leave. 12-month faculty & department chairs earn vacation.

Q: What other absences would I report?

A: In addition to sick leave, personal holiday and vacation, you would also report:

  • Bereavement Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Jury Duty
  • Dock

For a list of all paid absence types, please review CFA Contract/ Article 23 “Leaves of Absence with Pay”

Q: How do I know how many hours to charge for my sick leave?

A: To determine your daily rate, you would multiply a full day (8 hours) by your time-base or FTE.

For example, if you work a 3/15 time-base (or .20 FTE), you would multiply 8 hours by .20 = 1.60 hours/day.

Common time-bases:

3/15 – 1.60 hours        6/15 – 3.20 hours      9/15 – 4.80 hours     12/15 – 6.40 hours

Your sick leave accrual also represents 1 earned day per month. Whatever amount you accrue would be the same amount you would report per day. 

For a more complete list of time-bases and their fractional equivalents, please refer to this list.

Q: Can Faculty employees take a partial day? 

A: Faculty employees cannot be charged for taking a partial day. The Absence Management system will allow Faculty employees to enter a partial day, but Payroll will monitor the entries and contact the Timekeeper to correct the entry.  

Q: Will the system allow me to submit more time than is available? 

A: If you try to submit leave usage that is greater than your leave balance or is prior to the end of the month accrual (for instance, you are approved for 2 days of vacation in March, but only have 1 day accrued as of January 31), you will receive an error message and will be unable to complete the process.  

Q: What if I do not have enough leave credits to cover an absence?  

A: Employees can use only their available balance as of the close of the prior month. If an employee does not have enough leave to cover an absence, they must charge the remaining time to dock.  

Q: How do I report docks? 

A: Dock are reported like sick leave. Once you are aware of your dock status, you will need to also report the time to your department’s timekeeper. They are to notify Payroll of the dock status prior to Payroll cut-off. Any docks reported after cut-off will be deducted from the following months’ pay.

Q: Do I need to still submit a paper timesheet? 

A: You would only submit a paper timesheet if you need to make a correction to a prior months reporting. Other paperwork (i.e proof of jury duty service, proof of military leave) will still need to be submitted to Payroll for your file.

Q: How can I correct a prior month? 

A: You would need to submit a paper timesheet with a mark to the “revision” box and the corrected time reported.

Q: Do I need to enter holidays as an absence?  

A: No. There is a holiday calendar built into the system and holidays should not be entered into AMSS.   The user will receive an error if an absence is reported on a campus scheduled holiday.

Q: Do I need to report time during the academic year off months (June & July) or when I am on Sabbatical?

A: No, during that time frame, department timekeepers will enter “No Leave Taken” for you.



Q: When will leave balances be updated and available to employees? 

A: Around the 15th of the month, the prior absence period will be closed. Absences will be deducted from the previous balance and your new accrual, if any, will be posted.  

Q: When are leave credits earned and when are they available for use?  

A: Leave is earned and available for use at the beginning of the pay period following a qualifying pay period. For purposes of computing sick leave, an employee who is paid eleven (11) or more days is considered to have completed a qualifying pay period.   

Q: How do I view my leave balances? 

A: You can access Self Service wherever you have the internet and only need your login and password in order to report an absence or check your balances. 

Q: Who should I contact if there is a discrepancy with my leave information

A: Contact your timekeeper for any discrepancies. Your timekeeper will refer the issue accordingly if they are unable to resolve the issue.  

Q: Who do I contact if I need assistance reporting my absences?

A: If you experience any issues reporting your time online and you have reviewed all the training material, please contact your department timekeeper for assistance. You may also contact the Human Resources Payroll department at 916-278-6211 and you will be directed to a Payroll Technician who can assist you.

For more information and detailed instructions on reporting your time, please consult the Absence Management section of the Payroll Service website.