Department Responsibility for Voluntary Resignations

Once the Manager or the Department has been notified of an employee’s separation, it is important to follow the below steps to keep the Campus in compliance with Federal and State rules.

  1. Have the employee prepare a Voluntary Resignation Form as soon as the information is available regarding the employee’s separation date. Fill in the required information following the instructions on the form and submit to Human Resources, Del Norte Hall 3009, or contact at 916-278-6326 for questions.
  2. Have the department prepare a Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) with all the required information, following the instructions on the form and submit to Human Resources, Del Norte Hall 3009 after obtaining all required signatures or contact us at 916-278-6326 for questions.
  3. At least three days prior to last day on campus, Employee must report all time worked if applicable and all absences via the online self-service tool or paper timesheet. Managers must approve all time submitted.
  4. At the appropriate time before the employee leaves campus, inform the employee that they must complete a Check Out and Clearance Form to ensure that all items have been turned in or cleared and brought to Payroll for final checkout.
  5. If the separating employee was a Manager with direct reports, ensure that all direct reports are immediately moved to another Manager to handle all monthly system absence and time approvals. Please see Position Reporting Relationships on Budget Planning & Administration’s website for assistance.


Department Responsibility for Involuntary Termination or Dismissal

A dismissal is an involuntary termination of employment from the University. If you are experiencing issues with an employee or faculty member please contact Human Resources Employee/Labor Relations or Faculty Advancement for process guidance.


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