Separating Employee Responsibility


  1. The separating employee is responsible for working with the department/manager or dean’s office regarding a written notification of separation including the separation date. Voluntary Resignation Form
  2. The employee must complete a Check-Out and Clearance Form and be prepared to return any University property. The deparment/manager will sign the form to certify the returned property. Examples of University property include:

    • Permanent parking decal
    • Cell phone
    • Keys/fob
    • State property such as laptops or other checked out equipment
    • One Card
    • Return Library material
    • Pro cards, American Express, etc.

  3. Management Personnel (MPP's) or employees leaving designated positions such as those who hold a procurement card MUST file a Leaving Office Statement. Please click here for more information on this process.
  4. Ensure that all absences have been recorded in the online self-service tool or fill out a paper timesheet and submit to Payroll with signatures at least three days prior to last day on campus.
  5. Confirm that your address is current with the University to ensure W-2 and benefit forms are mailed to the correct place. You can visit the Employee Center and view your personal data for accuracy.
  6. Visit the Benefit department website for important information regarding your benefits upon separating from the University.
  7. Be sure that your phone and email outgoing messages reflect that you are leaving and who to contact in your place.



Deferring Settlement Pay

When you leave employment, you may transfer your separation pay to your 401(k), 457 or 403(b) account(s). Transfer up to the contribution limit to each account, minus what you already contributed for the year. Taxes are deferred until you withdraw the money from your account.

If you separate on or after November 1st, you may transfer your separation pay for the current and following tax year, up to the annual limits.

To make the transfer, you will need to submit a written request to Benefits in Human Resources at least 30 Calendar days before your final day of employment. Benefits will coordinate your deferral request with Payroll Services. (You must be enrolled in the deferral account(s) at least one pay period before your separation date.)


Going to another public employer?

As a member of CalPERS you may be eligible for the benefits of reciprocity. Reciprocity is an agreement among public retirement systems to allow members to move from one public employer to another public employer within a specific time limit without losing valuable retirement and related benefit rights.

Detailed information about establishing reciprocity can be found in the CalPERS publication "When You Change Retirement Systems" (PERS-PUB-16) available online at the CalPERS Forms and Publications Center, or in the Human Resources Benefits office located in Del Norte Hall, 3rd Floor.

Note: State Service credits and some leave balances may be transferable to the appointing authority of the new position. Please contact your new Human Resources office for more information. If the balances are transferable, please have your new agency submit an Employee Transfer Data form (std. 612) to CSU, Sacramento for processing.


PST (Part-Time/Seasonal/Temp) Retirement Account

When you separate from State Service and have participated in the PST retirement account:


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