Employee Fee Waiver Procedures

  1. All interested employees that have never used the Fee Waiver must first complete a Certificate of Eligibility form and submit it to our office. Once you have been determined eligible, you will be contacted via email and a copy of the form will be mailed to you.

  2. If you have already been admitted to a California State University (CSU), or are a continuing Fee Waiver participant, please go to Del Norte Hall 3010D to pick up the Application for Waiver and Reduction of Fees. These forms cannot be obtained online.

    a.  If you are not yet admitted to a CSU, you will need to apply to a university using www.csumentor.edu. Complete the online application, pay the application fee, and submit a copy of your confirmation page to our office to receive a refund of the $55.00 application fee. Additional Fee Waiver forms can be obtained from our office once you have notified our office that you have been admitted. 

  3. Submit an Application for Waiver and Reduction of Fees form (not available online) to our office with all appropriate signatures. The form can be obtained from the Professional Development/Training Office in Del Norte Hall, 3010D. Please do not remove any copies of the form; they will be mailed to you upon completion of processing your paperwork.

If the classes you are requesting to take are to improve your career, you will need to fill out the Career Development Plan form. However, if your classes are job-related, then you will need to fill out the Job Related Questionnaire form. You will also need to submit a Degree Program Plan outlining your next four semesters of coursework. These forms can be obtained from Del Norte Hall 3010D.

Please Note: The Application for Waiver and Reduction of Fees form requires appropriate signatures in four places. Please be sure your supervisor signs the form under the area for "Proposed Working Hour Arrangements" even if no release time is granted. If you do not have appropriate signatures in all four places, your form will be mailed back to you and the process will be delayed.

All forms must be received by the stated deadline for the appropriate semester. If forms are not received by the deadline, the student will have to pay full fees and will be facilitated a refund upon completion of processing Fee Waiver paperwork for approved coursework.

All forms should be filled out and mailed to:

Professional Development/Training
Del Norte Hall, 3010D
Attn: Kim Harrington
Zip: 6032