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Wellness is a multi-dimensional process of achieving a healthy balance throughout one's lifetime. 

Sacramento State's model of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness was created as a guide to help enhance our community's pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Each of the 7 dimensions is represented by an icon that will assist individuals in understanding how programs and events will help enhance their wellness. 

To find a training opportunity based on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness, please click on one of the icons below and sort by date (click at the top of the Date column) to see the courses available. Please use the link within each course description to register for the course. Registration for these courses is not available through Learnerweb or CSU Learn.


Intellectual Wellness Intellectual Wellness
Developing & utilizing one's knowledge.

Emotional Wellness Emotional Wellness
Awareness, acceptance & a healthy expression of one's feelings.

Environmental Wellness Environmental Wellness
Caring for the earth.

Physical Wellness Physical Wellness
Taking care of one's body.

Career Financial Wellness Career/Financial Wellness
Engaging in meaningful work and responsible monetary practices.

Spiritual Wellness Spiritual Wellness
Exploring value and meaning in one's life.

Socio Cultural Wellness Socio-Cultural Wellness
Effectively relating to others, your community and the world.


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