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Wellness is a multi-dimensional process of achieving a healthy balance throughout one's lifetime. 

Sacramento State's model of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness was created as a guide to help enhance our community's pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Each of the 7 dimensions is represented by an icon that will assist individuals in understanding how programs and events will help enhance their wellness. 

To find a training opportunity based on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness, please click on each icon below to see the courses available. You’ll also be able to register online.

Intellectual Wellness Intellectual Wellness
Developing & utilizing one's knowledge.

Emotional Wellness Emotional Wellness
Awareness, acceptance & a healthy expression of one's feelings.

Environmental Wellness Environmental Wellness
Caring for the earth.

Physical Wellness Physical Wellness
Taking care of one's body.

Career Financial Wellness Career/Financial Wellness
Engaging in meaningful work and responsible monetary practices.

Spiritual Wellness Spiritual Wellness
Exploring value and meaning in one's life.

Socio Cultural Wellness Socio-Cultural Wellness
Effectively relating to others, your community and the world.



Jamie Inderbitzen
Manager, Professional and Organizational Development
(916) 278-5885