Staff Equity Program - FAQ

1.   Which employees will receive an increase under the equity program?

All employees who have been in their classification and skill level for five or more years and whose salary is lower than the quartile thresholds identified for their classifications.

2.   Do I have to take any action or file any paperwork to get the increase?

No.  Because this is a management initiated in-range progression, if you meet the eligibility criteria, you need not take any additional action to get the increase.

3.   Am I still eligible for an equity increase if I already received an increase this year?

Possibly.  If you have been in your classification for one of the specified time periods and your salary falls below the quartile thresholds identified for your classification, you will still be eligible under the program, even if you have received other increases.

4.   Why isn’t this program retroactive?

There are various avenues for compensation adjustments that were previously available to staff including employee and management initiated in-range progressions, stipends, and bonuses.  This program is specifically intended to address management initiated salary inversion prospectively.

5.   How will I know if I’m eligible for the program?

All eligible employees will be notified by memo upon confirmation of their eligibility.  Additionally, employees may always check their pay status via MySacState; Employee Center; Compensation History.

 6.   How many staff employees will get increases under this program?

Over 20% of staff employees are eligible for increases under the program.  The data show that the three classifications most impacted are custodians, administrative support coordinators and information technology consultant (career).

7.   If I’m eligible for the program, how soon will I see the change in my paycheck?

No later than your September paycheck, although the HR staff is working diligently to process for August.  In any case, the changes will be effective July 31.

8.   If I am in a current temporary reassignment will I be eligible for an equity increase when I go back to my previous classification? 

Possibly.  Employees in a current reassignment will be reviewed once they return to their previous classification to determine eligibility.

9.   Who should I ask if I have more questions?

You should contact the compensation analyst for your College or Program Center.  If you are unsure who that is, please see the listing at the following link along with the contact information for your analyst:


*The UAPD (Unit 1), and CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7 & 9) collective bargaining agreements require a minimum 3% increase for an In-Range Progression.  Therefore, some employees may receive an increase beyond the percentage required to reach the quartile thresholds.