Who to Contact About Personnel Matters

Lisa Cardoza
Human Resources
Interim Vice President
Del Norte Hall, Room 3001D
(916) 278-6078

  • Audit Responses and Support
  • Conflict of Interest Issues
  • Whistleblower Complaints
  • Support for Committee on Administrator Review

Michelle Dungca
Classification & Compensation
Del Norte Hall, Room 3002F
(916) 278-6858


  • Salary Schedules (All Employees)
  • Compensation Questions (Staff)
  • In-Range Progressions/Discretionary Staff Bonuses
  • Reclassifications/In-Classification Progressions
  • Position Descriptions (Staff and MPP)
  • New Position Classification (including MPP)
  • Classification Review and Appeal Process
  • Departmental Reorganizations
  • Temporary Reassignments (staff only)

Darlene Edelman
Payroll Services
Del Norte Hall, Room 3006
(916) 278-5597

  • CMS HR/Payroll including 21st Century Project
  • Employee Check-out Separation Process
  • Form I-9 Process
  • Non-resident Aliens
  • Verifications of Employment
  • Leave Accounting

Scott Oleinik
Del Norte Hall, Room 3004C
(916) 278-6213

  • CMS/HR /Benefits including 21st Century Project
  • Benefits eligibility and coverage customer service (All Employees)
  • Fee Waiver Program
  • Group and one-on-one orientations, counseling and informational, workshops and seminars
  • Benefit programs and retirement administration, including active and retirees (All Employees)
  • Continuation of Coverage Programs (COBRA & Direct Payment)
  • Death Benefits (All Employees)
  • Disability Leaves:
    Catastrophic Leave, Family Medical Leave, Maternity/Paternity
  • Disability Retirements
  • Non-Industrial Disability Insurance & Industrial Disability Leave

Chela Cholula
Employee & Labor Relations
Del Norte Hall, Room 3002D
(916) 278-6779

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement Interpretations (All Bargaining Units)
  • Collective Bargaining Grievances and Complaints (All Bargaining Units)
  • Discipline (All Bargaining Units)
  • General Personnel Policies and Procedures, Interpretations and Applications
  • Performance Evaluations - Administration (Staff and MPP)
  • Rejections during Probation

Penny Schafer
Employment Services
Del Norte Room 3009
(916) 278-6326

  • Campus Recruitment for All Staff and Manger/Senior Executive Positions
  • Background Check Policy
  • Casual Worker & Helper/Aid Procedures
  • Emergency 90/120/180 Day or Less Appointment Procedures
  • Temporary Agency Hiring Procedures
  • Special Consultants
  • Student Employment Procedures
  • Volunteers

William Bishop
Equal Opportunity
Del Norte Hall, Room 3002G
(916) 278-5770

  • Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaints
  • Reasonable Accommodations for Employees
  • AA/EOR & Full-Time Faculty Recruitment Workshops
  • Pregnant & Parenting Student Rights
  • Campus Compliance Training