Why Major in Humanities & Religious Studies (HRS)?

Rembrandt and Aristotle

Students in our program choose a concentration in either Humanities or Religious Studies, both of which require 39 units of coursework.

On one level, the study of the Humanities is a profoundly personal experience. Introduced to great thinkers and artists—even to entire cultures—we join them in humanity’s search for meaning and the discovery of ideas and ideals that have stood the test of time. On another level, the Humanities nourish a cultural literacy that gives us a tremendous edge in finding productive places in a world in which effective leadership and communication require an understanding and appreciation of other peoples and their cultures.

There is a good reason for the increase in Religious Studies majors in recent years: Religion is a powerful force in contemporary culture. Religious values and ideals are foundational in the world’s cultures and have inspired the best in human beings, but they have also contributed to the conflicts that divide them. Those who wish to understand and communicate with others—in the workplace, in counseling, in government, in international and diplomatic relations, and other settings—will benefit from a knowledge of world religions

In addition to the subject matter of Humanities and Religious Studies, our students acquire the concrete analytical, research, writing, and organizational skills that will be essential in their professional careers, no matter where their interests might take them.