Alumni Voices

Many of our majors write back to describe the ways that their educational experience with us shaped their careers and personal lives beyond the university, reflecting on the value of their degree...

Andrew Davis

"While I originally intended to be a history major, I quickly became hooked on the humanities after taking an introductory humanities class and have not looked back since. While I spent a good deal of time working in the grocery business at Raley's following graduation, I was able to use the knowledge I gained from The Humanities and Religious Studies Department at Sacramento State in problem solving and customer service until I left the business in 2012 to attend Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC and pursue a Master of Divinity degree. As I prepare to graduate from Wesley in May 2016 and as I reflect on my time at Sacramento State, the HRS Department has played a key role in equipping me for the rigors and pace of theological education and ministry by developing my critical thinking skills, writing, and giving me an appreciation and knowledge of the accomplishments of humankind through culture, art, music, religion, and philosophy from around the world."

Andrew Davis
HRS Class of 2005

Savet Hong

"What have I done with my HRS degree? Learning about Dante, Kant, Confucius, among other influential philosophers and religious figures was an exciting and engaging experience as an HRS student. Since I left SacState to pursue a PhD in Demography at UC Berkeley, I may have forgotten what happened to Odysseus, but I cannot forget the skills the HRS program cultivated."

Savet Hong. PhD Student
University of California, Berkeley
HRS Class of 2006

Keir Wilkinson

"My CSUS HRS degree helped me develop a framework to engage people and culture at a comprehensive level. Religion and more broad social philosophies inform how economies, media, and legal systems develop in any given region, and being aware of and educated in these deep-seated values allows me to interact and cooperate in a more effective and empathetic fashion. A degree in Religious Studies has made it possible for me to approach controversial work in the most objective and humble manner possible, while informing my own personal philosophies. My education has been invaluable in my experience with small business, non-profit, corporate, and graduate work. Go Hornets!"

Keir Wilkinson

Rebecca Gabroy

"... When choosing a major when entering college, people usually ask themselves what can they do with their degree. In choosing a Humanities and Religious Studies major, the question is not easily answered. There are many paths in life where Humanities and Religious Studies degrees are advantageous to have. This major provides valuable skills that many other majors do not offer. I found that Humanities and Religious Studies offered the set of skills and information that would prepare me for a law career… I have been taught to read many different sources, usually primary, and use all the different perspectives in these sources and create a cohesive narrative regarding that topic…The humanities taught me to look deeper into an event and pull all relevant information regarding all aspects of a culture and use those aspects to explain the circumstances regarding that event..."

Rebecca Gabroy, Law School Student
HRS Class of 2011

Erica Niebauer

"When choosing my college major, I aimed to find a series of courses that would stimulate both my educational and personal goals. College was an opportunity to explore topics I found fascinating, with the majority of those being in Religious Studies. During my degree, I not only studied religion, but also ancient history, modern culture, anthropological practices, research methods, foreign languages, and current events. Majoring in Humanities with an emphasis in Religious Studies allowed me to pursue the philosophical questions I have always had, while allowing myself to gain a wide range of knowledge and experience through various academic methods. I learned how to collect field research, write ethnographies, interact with those from cultures different from my own, and look at religion and culture through an analytic and critical lens. I was able to learn about people from around the world and across time, thanks to the many knowledgeable professors in both the HRS and complementary departments. I found the department to be incredibly helpful in allowing me to achieve my goals, and always had additional guidance from the majority of my professors. Majoring in Religious Studies has allowed me to gain skills relevant in the current workplace: many employers find that someone who is open to other cultures, who can communicate effectively with others, and who can collect and organize data to be a valuable employee. Since graduation, I continue to use the interpersonal and critical skills learned at CSU Sacramento in my daily and professional life, and I frequently recommended my peers at Sac State to take at least one class in Humanities and Religious Studies."

Erica Niebauer
HRS Class of 2013

If you are an alum who took one or more courses from us and would like to share your experience of our department, WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please email with a 4-5 sentence description of what skills and understanding you gained, along with a photograph of yourself.