COMS 100C Introduction to Scientific Methods in Communication Research
California State University, Sacramento


COMS 100C - Course Overview
Introduction to Scientific Methods in Communication Research
Fall 1998


This class is an analysis of the quantitative methods of research commonly applied during communication research. The course will introduce concepts fundamental to the scientific study of communication. Concepts include conceptual and operational definition, sampling, measurement, experimental design and data analysis.

Note: Majors must complete this class with a grade of "C-" or better.

Prerequisite: COMS 100A; may be taken concurrently.

Credits: 3


Why Take This Course

Some benefits of online learning:

  • Flexible scheduling of course activities
  • Virtual office hours for interaction with instructor
  • Participation in an online learning community
  • Interaction with classmates through electronic discussion lists


Requirements to take this class

By September 5th, students must:

Read the instructor notes and complete the exercises listed in the Welcome section of Unit 1.

(E-mail the instructor ( information him that you will be taking the course.

Note: Students failing to read and complete the exercises in Unit 1 may be disenrolled from the course.


Course Design

While attendance in a traditional classroom setting is not required for this course, students are expected to follow the readings, complete the assigned assignments, and to participate in class discussion which will occur through FORUM. For a more detailed outline of the material that will be covered in class, read the Syllabus.


Technology Requirements

Students will need an electronic mail account and computer access to the Web. All CSUS students enrolled in one or more units can create a SacLink account for electronic mail and Internet services. Although a home computer with a high speed modem running Netscape or Internet Explorer would be beneficial, students can use the Web from one of the campus student labs.

Computing Recommendations

 Comfortable using the computer and browsing the Web

Windows compatible 486 running Windows 95 or Macintosh compatible with System 7.1 or higher

16 MB RAM preferably 32 MB

19.2K or faster modem (preferably 28.8K)

Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape 3.0 (or higher)

SacLink or other Internet Account

Word processing skills

Online class participation on the Web assignments and electronic discussions. The course content is delivered using WebCT, a Web course management system. Students will use WebCT tools to obtain course content, participate in online class discussions, take tests, and present group projects.

Successful Student Characteristics

Discipline to complete projects by deadlines; motivation to read, write, and participate fully in class activities; and time to devote approximately 9 hours a week to a 3-credit course.



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