Lab Projects:

Paper: As a class we will develop a small research project to investigate biological diversity along the American River parkway. I expect you to participate in project brainstorming discussions as we come up with a sampling design and then participate in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. You will then individually write a brief 4 - 7 page scientific report in the journal Ecology format detailing the research project and its results. In your introductions and/or discussions of the results you must include cite at least one related research article from the primary literature published within the last five years directly involving biological diversity . You must include a minimum of four literature citations (consider citing your textbook or perhaps finding a reference cited in your textbook).

Poster: There are many different ways to apply, or to relate to, ecologcial knowledge. People can relate through personal lifestyle changes or activities, political action, religious participation, scientific study, communication through various artistic media (poetry, other forms of writing, various fine arts, photography, cinematography, etc.). Choose a mode that you find inspirational or especially informative and create a poster (using relatively high quality posterboard available in the bookstore) designed to inspireor inform your fellow students and biology facutly about an important idea related to the body of knowledge we call Ecology.

Tentative Lab Schedule:

Week Date Activity Required readings
1 M/W

Aug30-Sep 1

2 M/W Sep 6- 8 Labor day Monday - no lab this week
3 M/W Sep 13- 15 Conducting Research in Ecology

Introduction to Library Resources (Ex.)

McMillan Ch 1

Molles pg 10, pg 575

4 M/W Sep 20-22 Abiotic and Biotic Variability

Introduction to Descriptive Statistics

Natural Selection and the Bell Curve (Ex.)

McMillan Ch 2, 3

Molles pp 21, 60, 162, 387, 401

5 M/W Sep 27- 29 Experimental Design

Field Sampling (Walk to River)(Ex.)

Review McMillan 2, 3

Molles pp 96, 129, 341

6 M/W

Oct 4-6

Cosumnes River Field Trip

Field Sampling (Waterfowl)(Ex.)

Review last week's readings
7 M/W Oct 11-13 no lab this week (weekend field trip compensation)
8 M/W Oct 18-20 Introduction to Inferential Statistics

(Analysis of Field Sampling Data)(Ex.)

Review McMillan 2, 3

Molles pp 186, 213, 237, 267, 310, 452, 471, 521

9 M/W Oct 25-27 Writing a Paper In Ecology format(Ex.):

Discuss research paper assignment

Alternate approaches to ecology; discuss poster

McMillan Ch 4, 6 (Skim 5)

McMillan pg 174

10 M/W Nov 1- 3 Introduction to Population Modeling (Ex.) Review Molles Ch 11, 13
11 M/W Nov 8 - 10 Published paper (TBA) analysis and discussion(Ex.) McMillan Ch 7, 8
12 M/W Nov 15-17 no lab this week (research paper rough drafts due)
13 M/W Nov 22-24 "Earth on Edge" or TBA video/discussion
14 M/W Nov 29- Dec1 "Natural Connections" video/discussion(Ex.)
15 M/W Dec 6 - 8 Poster Presentations (final drafts due)
16 Finals Week - no lab (lab concepts covered in lecture final exam)

Weekend Field Trips - One required (Your Choice) the other optional

(Additional Information to be provided in class):

Sunday Sept 26 Sierra Nevada 8am - 5pm

Saturday Nov 20 Dillon Beach/Bodega Bay 8am - 5pm

"In the end we will save only what we have come to love and we will love only what we have come to understand..."