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Contact Information:

            email: mbaad@saclink3.csus.edu

            Office Room Number: Science 114

            Phone:(916) 278-6494 | Fax: (916) 278-6993

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Areas of Interest:

Floristics of the Central Sierra Nevada
Population Dynamics of Arabis macdonaldiana
Endemism Associated with the Pine Hill Gabbro Formation
Wetlands Ecology
Resotration of California Landscapes
Vernal Pool Floristics and Ecology


Courses Taught on a Regular Basis:

General Ecology (Bio. Sci. 160)
Plant Taxonomy (Bio. Sci. 112)
Plant Inventory and Vegetation Analysis (Bio. Sci. 117)
Biometrics (Bio. Sci. 167)
Research Methods (Bio. Sci. 220)
Evolution (Bio Sci. 282)



CSUS Arboretum
Placer County Flora Project
Light Opera Theatre Sacramento (LOTS)
Graduate Studies in Biological Sciences


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