Mary C. Beal, MFA, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Digital Media

Mendocino Hall #5016, 6000 J. Street

CalStateUniversity, Sacramento

Office: 916/278-5317


Creative Media Services Consulting:

2373 Benita Drive

Rancho Cordova, CA95670




CREATIVE CONSULTANT, Creative Media Services Company - create interactive software, web site design and authoring, digital and analog videos for promotion, information, and education purposes; own business since 1998. Create original logos and expand skills each year. Currently own all digital cameras, hardware and software (equipment and peripherals) for production purposes; QTVR capabilities.

Primarily produce digital videos for public relations, marketing, education and information, and entertainment purposes for businesses and independents on a project-by-project basis. In addition, create interactive training CD-Rom for Harvard-based attorney and ex-trainer; and hired teams to redesign N. Sacramento chamber’s website, and various not-for-profits in addition to responsibilities in “day” job as below.

Additionally, produce for publishers, like Prentice Hall, large portions of supplementary CDs for new texts; edit also for Allyn & Bacon and other publishers. Create graphic arts in each project and created logos for businesses.


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Communication Studies Department, Digital Media (2002 – present); manage teams on digital video assignments and web authoring projects/sites for many community partnerships that I cold call, develop, and negotiate myself. Clients include, among others, N. Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, Explorit Museum, local AECT chapter (on which I served as Director of Technology), and our team assessed the use or lack of Instructional Systems Design at the Exploratorium in San Francisco also.

In the wings, the city of Tahoe necessitates a fifty-year anniversary in a digital video for local television broadcast and Rancho Cordova Chamber needs web development with QTVR. Create relations with local business and industry to develop a client base for which top students engage in internships.

Teach Project Planning and Management – manage multiple teams as they create storyboards, mind maps, write specifications, create universal designs, do rapid prototyping -- using ROI assessment, and create Gantt Charts for planning, budget for keeping track of dollars spent for each project.

Digital Video design, writing, direction, editing, and the supervised as others as they learned to create both full-screen and smaller, using specialized codecs for compression and delivery online and in interactive gaming instruction. Software used avid (3 years), Adobe After FX and Premiere (ten years), Final Cut Pro (five years), Media 100 (four yeas); also Casablanca proprietary system used and taught others. Utilized specialized compression codecs for delivering of training online in multimedia and interactive presentations wherein implemented video is part of a Microsoft PowerPoint/Producer presentation with FVL and WMF. Web Authoring for community clients, final application at times calls for use VeriSign, PayPal and ColdFusion.

Apply management principles to Instructional Design and Project Management work in field, applying best practices for data collection for workbook for others like myself: independents, entrepreneurs. Workbook will contain model system processes, Rapid Instructional Design methods, rapid prototyping, benchmarking. Research on teams, systemic variables affecting production – environment, audience, need, tasks; design best media for delivery. Using Visio to develop and produce lessons, in addition, created job aides and evaluation instruments. Tested and implemented training then assessed and evaluated success of training and learning.

Taught public speaking and presentations for business (creating interactive, nonlinear, multimedia) using PowerPoint and Real-Producer, Macromedia Director, Authorware, Dreamweaver; and taught Digital Video: all up-to-date, having reviewed much of the current, relevant materials from colleagues practicing in the field.


DEPARTMENT CHAIR PERSON, Computer Science and Multimedia, Eastern OregonUniversity (1999 - 2002). Managed $60-100,000 annual budget: reported directly to Dean; managed student workers, work-studies, adjunct faculty, faculty scheduling; also oversaw budgetary matters, lab upkeep including acquisition, installation and licensing of hardware and software. As Project Manager organized, supervised, and supported teams – three groups of five – as they designed, developed and created digital video public relations projects, in an interactive, informative, marketing and PR context. Managed and trained teams as they digitized footage, utilizing appropriate codecs (to avoid distortion and loss in the audio or video) and created projects that included delivery of a draft for approval: I managed all legal affairs – copyrights, releases, and intellectual property.

The University President returned to hire me (above normal duties) to manage team of top students appointed to create promotional project for the university – transferred and edited existing video, shot new footage, to create promotional campaign for broadcast on local cable station. Oversaw the team to deliver all planning documents (functional specifications with mind-map, Gantt chart, budget, and screen shots) and acquired approvals, created alpha and beta prototypes: programming of a representative project, containing all interim deliverables as discussed and assigned: usually video, text, graphics, animation, and when appropriate, Quicktime VR tours. Then delivered Gold Master to client. At times, maintenance of project(s) is involved. Projects have always been successful = within scope of budget, quality, and time allowed.

Served on Tech Fee Committee, administering allocation of $350,000 per annum, for money students’ campus-wide services in technology and curriculum. Wrote $500,000 NSF grant in partnership with TamastsliktCulturalCenter’s Director - asked to resubmit; wrote $50,000 grant for Eisenhower Foundation - received comments and resubmitted. I served on board of local Arts Commission for the city.

Also taught Digital Photography; Broadcast Journalism and Telemedia; Beginning and Advanced Web Site Authoring; Multimedia Theory; Visual Literacy; and Multimedia GUI Design; Multimedia Programming; Instructional Systems Design; Project Management. Received Summer Stipend Award ($10,000) for excellence.


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Instructional Technology, and Telecommunications, WesternIllinoisUniversity; Macomb, Illinois (1997 – 1999). Project manager on multiple assignments: supervision (and maintenance of all aspects of) COEHS-TV station; created PR for city on annual Christmas event that was broadcast on the local cable network.

Supervised students creating digital video year around. We, the faculty in department – 3 of us, pieced together from our research mostly in Digital Video Magazine, the equipment, storage, codecs, necessary to create two digital editing stations for the students. At that time we new more than most tech support because there was nothing being done in this area yet as digital editing and video-taping equipment was new to the scene.

Supervised students, not only on videos, but also on designing and producing IT&T department's web site (still visible online) and began design for creation of University's website.

Designed and produced Kiosk (using I-Kiosk, employed architect help for design of fiberglass enclosure/framework); reported to Dean of College of Education and Human Services.

Finishing interactive Basic Hydraulics project with compressed video in it that was, at that time, a little larger that a postage stamp, met with local manufacturers for subject matter expertise. This helped to established partnerships in the area that developed with Caterpillar, Heister, and Arthur Andersen that led the set up of internships and job placement for students.

   Taught graduate and undergraduate classes (broadcasting the program live throughout the state of Illinois) – I spoke regarding Instructional Systems Design and Instructional Systems Management; Digital Video; Project Management; and Production of Professional Presentations.


WRITER/PROGRAMMER: commissioned to create accompanying interactive computer assisted instruction for teacher’s text called Learning PowerPoint 2002, Prentice Hall, New York, 2002.


DESIGNER/ PROGRAMMER, consultant: designed and produced interactive training on Civil Law for Harvard ex-Trainer and current Boston Attorney, summer, 2000. Sold and distributed product on CD-Rom and on the web in labs at university.


DIRECTOR OF LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES, 1996 – 1997, LaneCommunity College, Instructional Services Department. Performed curriculum analysis, research, design and development, performed full task analysis, consulted the needs assessment, and performed alpha and beta-test evaluations (SMEs from faculty, business and industry – the U.S. Coast Guard, the F.A.A., Heister and Caterpillar - engineers in the area and students at L.C.C.)

Subject matter was Basic Hydraulics - a one year contract assignment with $200,000 budget. I was responsible for hiring of project team and overseeing them as well as the Instructional Design aspects of the production that was delivered in labs and on CD-ROM. As well I was the Graphic Artist and Animator for the plans and the project. Hired and oversaw the digital videographer and programmer.

Delivered Gold Master to Vice President of Instruction and Vice President of Student Services. At same time, authored the web site for the Mechanical Technologies Department and created promotional video for them, including shooting from a helicopter over Oregon side of Hell's Canyon.


SPECIAL PROJECTS CONSULTANT for Jack Lawrence, Executive VP and CIO. Reported also to Scott Chambers, CEO of Chambers Communications, Eugene, Oregon. Summer, 1996. My original research on distance learning in Oregon via ITFS, satellite, pic-tel, modem, fiber, resulted in business proposal that included a successful partnership for multimedia workforce training -- an opportunity between Lane Community College, University of Oregon, and Chambers Communications.


BROADCAST MANAGER for Oregon Department of Education, U.S. Department of Education, and OregonStateUniversity, summer, 1992 – 1996. This became a three-year grant costing over $1.3 million. Job site was HatfieldMarineScienceCenter in Newport, Oregon. Worked with scientists in all fields of engineering, data mining, research, fieldwork for NOAA, NASA, U.S. Department of Wildlife. They acted as SMEs as I managed curriculum development, program production, and editing, and then delivered the program live with interactive segments via email and telephone. K-12 math and science students interacted with scientists in an inter-active “chat” on the internet and asked questions about their own experiments that related to the scientist's work.

Originally, the project was eight broadcasts budgeted for $250,000 and we increased that to $1.2 million -- the Program Director, currently Technology Education Specialist with ODE, and I wrote grants that increased the funding. We approached various scientific organizations and the Oregon and U.S. Departments of Education and were victorious.

In my most admirable and favorite position of all life thus far, I was hired in August, told to deliver the first of either productions by October. I had an empty office – no equipment. I not only broadcast successfully and did all that that entailed but administered all aspects of over thirty-five successful video productions and broadcast in a little over three years. I wrote them, hired the team to shoot, and then directed the shooting. Editing all footage and created titles with constant input and feedback from a committee of reviewers. I managed and oversaw the delivery of the live broadcast to over 6,000 learners across the state of Oregon via satellite from OregonStateUniversity. Later, promoted, we broadcast directly from the Oregon State Capitol building itself.

To design accompanying content materials and curriculum delivered on the web, I worked as a team with Program Director, world-renowned scientists, master teachers, and K-12 learners. Oregon Department of Education Specialists oversaw the program's agenda to thoroughly meet the high standards being implemented in science, math, and technology. Information on the Earth and Sea Investigators Program is still online and on exhibit at the Marine Science Center Public wing.


OWNER, Mary Beal Literary Agency, 1990 -1993, negotiated contracts and represented writers and directors to film and television studios and producers, for example I met with the Aliens producer along side Gina Davis to set up my client’s screenplay based on a Richard Ford novel, for example. Sold $120,000 script to Republic Pictures written by a Criminal Psychiatrist and was filmed. Adapted Strangers on a Train, Hitchcock’s film into a screenplay produced by a pair of my writer-clients, etc.


PRODUCTION COORDINATOR, 1985 - 1990 Walt Disney Company. Assisted in production of commercials and video spots (DTV that was to be like MTV for kids) for Disney Home Video. Performed budgeting and conference organization for The Disney Channel.


WRITER, 1984 – 1985. Self-employed – writing for SMURFS; wrote Three Way Tie for National Lampoon; developed Magic for Mike the dog (from Down and Out in Beverly Hills) supervised by James Keach Productions at Walt Disney Pictures; wrote Dawson in development with Catalina Productions; wrote Man of Aran in development with Dino DeLaurentiis Company.



OregonStateUniversity, Ed.D. Graduated 1996. Dissertation studied three fortune 500 companies and three non-profits to be published 2006-07. The STELLA workbook and interactive CD-Rom will present an original model and interactive workbook for trainers and project managers the documents needs in and changes to the current and future software design and development process.


Emphasis in Project and Program Management, Instructional Systems Design and Technology, studied budgeting, leadership strategies, ethics, strategic planning for distance education programs, and information systems.


U.C.L.A., Graduate School of Cinema and Television, from 1980 – 1985, M.F.A.: Television Production and Screenwriting: taught television production with studio and ENG field-camera operation to graduates and undergraduates. Entertainment law, broadcast, technical writing.


WillametteUniversity, SalemOregon - graduated 1980. Major: English. Minor: Spanish. Editor of The Jason (literary magazine) from 1978 - 1980. Exchange student – University of London, 1977.



Advanced Troubleshooting, Maintaining & Upgrading PCs, 2001.

Multi-source digital editing with beta cam, Sony Co., Los Angeles, 1995.

Certificate in Apprenticeship in Science and Engineering Program, Oregon Graduate

Institute of Science & Technology, 1994.


CONSULTANT for St. Mark’s church. Summer, 2001. Trained the Priests and personnel on search engines, email, and answered miscellaneous questions they had about the software they were using and their computer operating systems. Supervisor: Fr. Miles O’Brien Riley, Ph.D. and Priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.


Producer/Director/Writer, HatfieldMarineScienceCenter, Newport, Oregon. Summer 1998. Worked with scientists from U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, N.O.A.A., Aquaculture, NYMPHS, etc. to gather content then wrote, taped, and edited program that is displayed in Public Wing at the Center.


Videographer and Director, California Aids Ride, 1996


Videographer, OregonStateUniversity, NERO Project, 1996


Videographer and scriptwriter for OregonHealthSciencesUniversity, Joan Hayward, Dean, 1995. Scriptwriter for OregonCoastCommunity College’s President, Pat O’Connor, 1995. Both were short videos about the colleges.


Intern, OregonCoastCommunity College. Job shadow to President, Pat O’Connor. Also attended monthly board meetings, 1995


ASSISTANT PRODUCER, 1984, while attending UCLA. Produced Cable Television Show called Star Search with producer, Phillip Goldfine. Prepared sets, talent, helped with research and scripts, helped organize the show that aired locally; also


PUBLIC RELATIONS, 1983. Media Home Entertainment. Press kits and wrote press releases; and


PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, 1983. Rosebud Productions, owned by Joanna Lee: production schedules, scripts and crew, organized production of CBS After-School-Special, aired several times, called Hear Me Cry.



EasternOregonUniversity: Summer Stipend Award ($10,000 bonus) for excellence.


Bilbao International Film Festival, 1987. Awarded for Best Short Film (16mm), Summer People.


Assistantship to Chairman of Department, UCLAGraduateSchool of Cinema & Television: taught television production awarded for my production of ‘SSCAPE in B&W/


Hired as producer and creator on Jim Morrison (biographical) Project in 1985 – designed, hired team, and created a fund-raising film promotion UCLA film school.



Microsoft Projects for Gantt creation and do budgeting in Excel. Do programming in Director, Authorware, Dreamweaver, Flash and DHTML, XML, ASP and PHP. Patent pending on battery created for ENG shoots. Visual Basic and C+ at this time (know HTML, Java scripting and studied Java). For graphics work: InDesign, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop. Did



Available upon request.