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July, 2006

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Digital  Media is the interactive combination of text, graphics, animation, audio, and video into an educational or entertaining game, product, or presentation – it’s multimedia.  One source describes the first multimedia as the writing on cave walls – many, like myself, think it is much more complicated. 

     Beal’s philosophy is that students learn best with a balance of mentoring and instruction while doing and creating.  The professor becomes more than a critic and advisor – more of a co-collaborator and aide. Once students learn a process by doing it, they tend to retain information more consistently. And once the rules are learned, the students break the rules – while developing their own style.  

     Students also learn concepts like how to work with others and how to manage teams and meet deadlines.  Students who graduate from this program can be leaders in their field, consulting and working not only in education and distance learning, but in training and entertainment as well.  The Digital Media program teaches students skills toward becoming professionals with the ability to work for large corporations or for themselves.



California State University, Sacramento

Digital Media Communications

Classes Taught in Communications Dept:

#27: Television Production

#103:  Public Speaking

#127:  Producing and Directing for TV

#128: Non-Studio TV Production

#136:  Introduction to Publishing on the World Wide Web (aka web site design and web  authoring)

#154:   Instructional Design and Training

#184a: Project Planning & Management

#199:   Special Problems


Child Development:  (guest speaker)

#138:  Social and Emotional Development (re:  the effects of media on teens)

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Creative Media Services

Creative Media Services

is the company started by Beal in 1998, shortly before having received her doctorate in education. She consults for private businesses, individuals, and not-for-profits who have an idea and need design and development. Beal assists with the promotion of the idea to delivery of the end product, providing services that include hiring experienced, team-players, budgeting, and scheduling for the client: in addition, web authoring with universal design while adhering to local and international restrictions. Beal also creates graphics for professional presentations and for CD/DVD delivery to accompany texts. Publications include interactive software programs for community college distribution, training, and publicity (like an interactive tour of a university distributed with the catalogue to prospective students). She has over fifteen years of experience in public relations, education, and training -- creating digital videos from start to finish, working all hours at labors-of-love. She is pleased to help others - working with local chapters of training organizations, local chambers of commerce, community organizations like learning exhibitions, aquariums, galleries, and museums, and other educational organizations. She contracted independently for the U.S. Department of Education, in collaboration with many specialists, upon first graduating from UCLA with an MFA in television production and screenwriting in 1985. 

The dove is the ultimate symbol of communication – having been used since pre-Egyptian times to hand-carry messages from one person or place to another.


God bless Pete, wherever he is...

2006 MBConsultant