MIS 155

Fourth Generation Language Applications

Programming with a fourth generation language (4GL) in both a mainframeand microcomputer environment. Emphasis on end-user development and control of information resources. Interface of 4GL with database and third generationlanguage. Prerequisite Successful completion of MIS 150 or MIS 211/approved equivalent (graduate students).  Note. A prerequisite is NOT the same as a co-requisite.

Note. A solid database background is strongly recommended. Assignments involve developing applications that interact with an Oracle database via embedded SQL commands. Knowledge and understanding of normalization is required. If you are weakin this area, you might consider taking either MIS 124 or 122.

***** The end (of the semester) is almost here! Summer is right around the corner. *****

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Textbook: Guide to Oracle9i, Joline Morrison and Mike Morrison. Thompson Course Technology (2003). ISBN: 0-619-15959-6. Purchase this book through Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

See the Oracle web page for instructions on installing Oracle9i and Developer. Developer must be installed before Oracle9i. Otherwise, you will need to uninstall Oracle9i before installing Developer. The installation CDs may be borrowed through the library's Reserve Book Room.



Class Notes

  • Week 1 Introduction (updated: Jan. 25)
  • Week 2 Oracle Forms (updated: Feb. 1)
  • Week 3 Principles of good design (updated: Feb. 8)
    See Oracle Forms videos: Intro to Forms, Property Classes, and Menus and Alerts
  • Week 4 Oracle Forms: LOV and OLE (updated: Feb. 15)
  • Week 5 Oracle Forms: OLE, handling errors, and anatomy of a report (updated: Feb. 22)
  • Week 6 Oracle Reports: types of reports, master-detail report (updated: March 1)
  • Week 7 SQL: Chronological sort, SUBSTRing, ROUND; Dynamic SQL: host and lexical reference variables; Overview: Drill-down, roll-up reports (updated: March 8)
  • Week 8 Launching a Report from Forms (updated: March 19)
  • Week 8 Matrix and drill-down/roll-up reports (updated: March 22)
  • Week 9 Graphs and Graphics Builder (updated: March 29)
  • Week 10 Subquery and thresholds, Oracle Graphics and Forms (updated: April 5)
  • Week 11 Graphs with lexical reference variables and list boxes (updated: April 12)
  • Week 12 Embedding a drill-down graph in a form, EIS (updated: April 19) Warning: This file is approx. 2.3 MB
  • Week 13 Pseudo drill-down graphs (updated: April 26)


  • Homework 1 SQL and Oracle9i (updated: Jan. 24)
    Dump file - Zip file that contains H1.dmp
  • P1 - Oracle Forms (updated: Feb. 1)
    Scorecard (updated: Feb. 10)
  • P2 - Oracle Forms and Canvases (updated: Feb. 13)
    CD sales table Contains the cd_sales_00_05 table. Use Oracle Importer(IMP) to load the table into your database (see Oracle video). (updated: Feb. 12)
    Scorecard (updated: Feb. 22)
  • P3 - Oracle Reports and master/detail report (updated: Feb. 28)
  • P4 - Oracle Reports and drill-down/roll-up reports (updated: March 21)
    Matrix Report (updated: April 3)
  • P5 - Oracle Graphics and Forms (updated: March 21)
  • P6 - Oracle Developer and EIS (updated: April 19)

Supplemental References

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