I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I have taught here at CSUS since 1994.

My main research interests are in the Philosophy of Religion (Miracles, Divine Agency), Theory of Action, History of Western Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, and Environmental Ethics.

I have published a book entitled The Philosophy of Miracles (Continuum 2007). My main concern in this book is to apply contemporary discussion in the theory of action to the problem of miracles, and construct a conception of the miraculous which is consistent with the assumptions of naturalism and which provides an alternative to the usual notion of a miracle as a violation of natural law.

Here is a link to
my article on miracles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

I am currently working on a paper, tentatively titled “Three Ways for God to Act,” in which I argue against recent attempts to
locate divine agency at the quantum level.

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