Bismarck in Old Age

History 280 -- Reading Seminar in Germany in the 19th Century

California State University, Sacramento
Department of History 
College of Arts and Letters

Spring 2002




German soldiers off to war in 1914

  Delegates assembling at Frankfurt Parliament, 1848

Adalbert Stifter 1805-68


Caspar Friedrich,  'Erzgebirge"

This graduate seminar is intended for students in the History Masters program and for students in similar programs looking for exposure to the bibliography of German history and culture in the 19th century.

Students who are not classified in the History Masters program need to have instructor permission to enroll.

Instructor: George S. Craft

Book Summaries

Consult course description on 'Syllabus' page.

 More information is available on Dr. Craft's homepage. You may contact the instructor via e-mail at


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