William A. Dorman
Professor of Government, Emeritus

California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, California 95819

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Recent Speech and Lecture Topics

  • “A Teaching Life: Values Then and Now”
  • "Lessons From the Iraq War of 2003"
  • "American Journalism and the War Debate We Should Have Had"
  • “Pax Americana? American Foreign Policy After Sept. 11”
  • “Media, Crisis, and Critical Thinking: Reasoning in a Frightened and Frightening World”
  • “Truth is the First Casualty: War, Peace and the Mass Media”
  • “Critical Thinking,” a lecture in the “Welcome Back” series for immigrant health professionals sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Health Occupations Resource Center and the California Endowment


Selected Speaking Venues

(Keynote addresses, academic papers or lectures)

  • Annual Faculty Lecture, California State University, Sacramento
  • 10th Annual International Conference on Thjinking: “Changing Minds: Toward a Thinking Society”, Harrogate, England
  • Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform, Sonoma State University
  • A.A. Cleveland Conference, School of Education, Washington State University
  • Social Science Research Council, New York, Washington, D.C. and Seattle
  • American Studies Association
  • American Library Association
  • California Council on Social Studies
  • Middle East Studies Association of North America
  • San Francisco World Affairs Council
  • Annual Meeting of the Inter Press Service Council on Information and Communication for International Development (Rome)
  • Teachers Conference of Central and Eastern European Schools Association (Istanbul)
  • South East Asia Teachers and Counselors Conference (Singapore)
  • Annual Teachers Conference, Near East/South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Stanford, New York University, Rutgers, Princeton, Bennington College, Florida International University, Baker University, University of Nevada, Reno, Northern Illinois University, University of Chicago, and University of California campuses at Berkeley, Davis, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles.


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