Student Imagery / Drawings

Outside Assignments

 In Class Work

Trap Drawing

Pastel Cup

Pen Spiral Composition

Pastel Green Cup

Master Drawing in Conte

Pastel Bottles

Fantasy Volume

Conte Skull and Umbrella

 Birdhouse Drawings

Skull and Umbrella, Oil Pastel

 Additional Trap Drawings

Detail of Bottle in Pen

 Conte Drawings

Detail of Torso in Pen

 Floor Drawings

Still Life with Floor

 Master Drawings

Still Life with Floor and Table

Colored penci

Head Still Life

  Spiral Pen drawing

Shoe Drawing

Still life in pen Still Life in Pen


Post-Seurat  Master Drawing Class Work



Student Imagery / Printmaking





Relief Printmaking

Blue Monoprint

Pipe Aquatint

Andrew's Image

Relief and Stencil

Portfolio Box

Softground / Colle

Digital Portrait


Small Box

Softground / Colle 2



Katzdorn, hand colored

Galvez Open Bite, etc.




Asabedo, Viscosity




Reichl, Aquatint