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With the exception of the first day of class, all readings in this schedule must be completed by the day under which they are listed. This requirement is assessed via TRAs, homework and End-of-Unit Challenges throughout the semester. -> Accessing the Readings

CAUTION: I reserve the right to make revisions to scenarios & reading guides prior to their discussion in class at the relevant point in the semester. Therefore WAIT until that time to print out these materials.

Recurring Assignment Cycle
for All Two-Week Units

January 28 - February 6
Introduction: Asia, Cultural History & Team-Based Learning

February 11 - 20
Unit 1a: Late Medieval India
(11th - 17th centuries)

February 25 - March 6
Unit 1b: Colonial & Post-Colonial India
(18th -20th centuries)

March 11 - 20
Unit 2a: Late Medieval China
(11th - 16th centuries)

April 1 - 10
Unit 2b: Late Imperial & Modern China
(17th - 20th centuries)

April 15 - May 24
Unit 3a: Late Medieval & Modern Southeast Asia & Tibet
(14th - 20th centuries)

April 29 - May 8
Unit 3b: Late Medieval & Modern Korea & Japan
(13th - 20th centuries)

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