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Observation Report

The observation report asks you to describe your observations and one interview among members of a Buddhist community, recorded at a local worship site and related to the observations of an author who has observed a similar traditions in Asia. You write for a peer (vs. a specialist) who is unfamiliar with the topic, possibly for one of the people mentioned in a scenario from one of the application exercises. NOTE: half a dozen student Observation Reports will be assigned as readings for the final TRA and application exercise.

IMPORTANT: you must observe an event at one of the times listed under Local Sites, not simply visit the site and talk to people. Although you may at other times have interesting informal interactions with community members there, it will be difficult to tell what they normally do when outsiders are not present based exclusively on such interactions.

Intended Audience

Step 1: Worksheet

Step 2: Peer Review

Ethnographic Sources

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