"Indian Philosophy in Religious Context:
Hindus & Buddhists Envisioning the Ultimate in South Asia"

(Religion 387)


Time & Place:

Fall Term 2002
MW 2:30-3:50
Reid Center 110

Joël Dubois
Olin 149, x5246
Office Hours: M 4-5, W 11-12, F 10-11
Home Phone: 529-4289
(9 am - 9 pm daily)

The Course at a Glance

SCOPE & APPROACH: a survey of the classical Hindu & Buddhist philosophies, in light of the religious backgrounds of Indian thinkers.   Three students will present papers dealing with assigned readings for each class, which will be distributed to all and serve as the basis for class conversation; frequent mini-lectures will provide the necessary background.

Joël Dubois, The Hidden Life of Brahman
Natalia Isayeva, Shankara and Indian Philosophy
Richard King, Early Advaita Vedaanta and Buddhism
                   plus one short analytical text (choose from a selection of three)
                   and five (5) short reserve readings

ATTENDANCE: required for all class sessions, due to heavy emphasis on class conversation; percentage of classes attended will be multiplied x [participation & preparation grade] = a total of %20 of your overall grade

ASSIGNMENTS: two (2) analyses of assigned readings (3-5 pages, 2 x %15 of grade)
                                one (1) critical response to other students’ papers (3-5 pages, %15)
                               one (1) synopsis of the previous class’s conversation (1 page, %10)
                                    [scheduled individually for different weeks of the term]
                                one (1) final paper (10-12 pages, %25 of grade)
                                    [in general, no rewrites allowed; pre-writes strongly encouraged]

Overviews & Objectives

Attendance Policy

Required Texts

Schedule of Topics & Readings

Assignments & Evaluation

Notes on Written Work


•"Gender & Religion in India: Women, Men, & the South Asian Religious Quest" (Religion 389)

•"South Asian Religions I:The Formative Period" (Religion 221)