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Math 31, Fall 2007 - Syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Kimberly R. Elce    
Office: Brighton Hall 142    
Email: kelce@csus.edu    
Webpage: https://www.csus.edu/indiv/e/elcek    

Office Hours: Monday & Friday 11:00-11:50, Wednesday 8:30-8:50 & 1:00-1:50 or by appointment

Welcome to Math 31 -- Calculus is a huge branch of mathematics with endless applications. Consequently, we will study the concepts of Calculus from a purely mathematical viewpoint as well as explore applications whenever possible. To be successeful in this class will require strong background knowledge, good critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate your ideas clearly.

PREREQUISITE C- or better in Math 30
TEXT Calculus, Early Transcendentals, Fifth Edition, by James Stewart.
TOPICS Chapters 6,7,8,10,11
HOMEWORK Homework will be collected at the beginning of class every Wednesday. Your homework will be graded for completeness and accuracy. Remember that the answers to odd numbered problems are in the back of the book and you may come into my office to check your even numbered problems. You must show all work. NO WORK = NO CREDIT. Homework is assigned to give you an opportunity to practice the material you are learning, so it is your responsibility to come see me if you are unsure whether or not you are doing the problems correctly. Late homework will not be accepted, however I do drop your lowest homework score. Be sure to comply with the homework guidelines.

Group work is an invaluable tool when trying to understand, practice and communicate mathematics. To take advantage of this, we will occassionally do worksheets in class. If you miss class the day of a worksheet, you can download the worksheet from the class webpage and turn it in the following class meeting. Make up worksheets will not be given, however your lowest worksheet score will be dropped.


Math 31 is a general education course and consequently must have a writing element. To satisfy this requirement you will compile a portfolio throughout the term. It will consist of an online journal, paper problems and a final essay. More information regarding the portfolio will be given to you during the second week of classes.


There will be three midterm exams and a cumulative final. Make up exams will not be given. The tentative dates for these are:

Exam 1 Wednesday, October 3
Exam 2 Wednesday, October 31
Exam 3 Wednesday, November 28
Final Exam Friday, December 21, 8:00AM - 10:00AM
Grades are based on the standard 10% grading scale. The class is worth a total of 1200 points distributed as follows;
Homework/Worksheet Average


Exam 1 200
Exam 2 200
Exam 3
Final Exam



Homework Guidelines

  1. Use standard size paper (8 1/2 in x 11 in) -- No ragged edges.
  3. If your writing shows through the paper, only write on one side of the paper.
  4. Staple your homework in the upper left corner.
  5. Don't let your work spill over into the left hand margin -- the grader will often use the margin for scoring.
  6. Don't cramp your work. Leave at least one line between questions so that it is easier for the grader to see each problem.
  7. NEATNESS COUNTS! If it's too sloppy to read, it won't be graded.



Last Updated: 9/28/07