GPHD-195 Fieldwork in Graphic Design is directed observation and supervised work experience in an approved business, government, or service agency. Internships are offered to increase student understanding of the nature and scope of agency operations and giving students orientation in occupational specialties. Supervision is provided by authorized persons in the cooperating agencies and collaborative supervision is provided by the Graphic Design faculty.

If you want to enroll in a GPHD-195 internship, you need to meet the following requirements:

1) You must be a student who has been accepted in the Graphic Design Program's upper division, have a minimum gpa of 2.5 and have completed the GPHD 120/122/125 prereqs prior to GPHD-195 enrollment.

2) You must secure an internship from an approved internship venue. If you wish to do your internship for a business not on the approved list, invite the business to submit a Hosting Application to the Internship Coordinator, Professor Estioko.

3) You must attend the mandatory Internship Orientation held at the beginning of the school year in the Fall. This meeting will coincide with our annual Cohort Orientation.

4) You must submit a completed Internship Application and Orientation Form to the Internship Coordinator, Professor Estioko.

5) Once approved by Professor Estioko, you must submit a completed Add Form to the Department of Design main office in Mariposa Hall 5001. Add Forms can be secured in the main office.

If you are a business that wants to host an internship, please fill out a Hosting Application and return it to Professor Estioko via email——OR via snail mail:

Mario Estioko
CSUS Department of Design
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6137

If your business meets the requirements for the GPHD 195 experience, you will be sent a legal contract from CSUS. Once signed, submitted and approved, you will be able to take on GPHD-195 interns. For more information about the internship program, please contact Professor Estioko at (916) 278-5011.