Don on Summer Passage

Listen to Don as his delivers a forecast on the SSB


Don Anderson on Summer Passage provides weather information for Pacific cruisers in Mexico, and for cruisers heading south or west.

This free service is to supplement a variety of other weather information available to cruisers, including weather faxes, grib files –– and looking at the weather out the port of your own boat.

These forecasts are usually more accurate for offshore conditions (60 miles and beyond) and may not be as accurate in predicting local coastal conditions.

And, as always, no weather forecast should substitute your own common sense out there on the water.

Cruising Pacific Waters

Don Anderson’s usual morning routine is to wake at 3 a.m., turn on his radio and computerized weather reports, make a cup of coffee, then step outside to take a quick look at the sky outside his Ventura home.

For Anderson, it’s not an idle gesture. He knows that hundreds of sailors outside the United States depend on him for accurate weather forecasts that will help them find safe passage to their next destination.

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Winter 2006/2007 Radio Schedule

Time/UTC Freq/kHz  
1430 3968 LSB Sonrisa net. Monitors for weather reports and any emergency traffic.
1415 8122 Amigo net. Supplies forecast for Ensenada to Socorro Island & Sea of Cortez
1530 7294LSB Chubasco Net. Monitors for emergency traffic only.
1615 7233 LSB Baja California Maritime Service Net. Forecasts San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, including Sea of Cortez. Weekdays only. Provides backup for AA6TP.
1630* 12359 Monitors 12C for weather questions usually 500 - 2500 from his Oxnard station.
2345* 12359 Monitors 12C for weather questions from vessels out to 2,500 miles from Oxnard station.
0015* 16534 Monitors 16C for weather questions from vessels North and South Pacific out to 6,000 miles from Oxnard. 18840, 22165 and 25115 are alternate frequencies, especially for vessels beyond 3,000 miles.
0205 6516 Southbound Net. Brief summary on 6D of any significant weather since Amigo net.
0300 14300 Pacific Seafarers' Net. Monitors for weather questions. Will move to 14283 if requested.
    * Closes down after 15 minutes if nothing heard

Weather resources

This is a list of helpful online weather resources available if you're plugged into the Internet.

Online Resources

To contact Don Anderson

Don provides weather information to boaters by SSB or Ham radio. Just check his posted schedule and listen in. He does not provide
e-mail weather forecasting or routing. If you would like to thank Don for his services, or if you would like to relay information to him, Don's e-mail address is