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Welcome to the Government 1 home page on the World Wide Web. These electronic pages provide information for the course Essentials of Government taught over television by Professor Robert Friedman at California State University, Sacramento. This course introduces the basics of national, state, and local governments. It is open to all students.  There are a number of options for viewing the class both in a real time fashion and on a delayed basis.

Address:  Tahoe Hall 3123 (for the Professor and student assistants)
Professor  Friedman, office hours TR 8:10-8:40
protocol for contacting Professor Friedman

Student assistants


Email address

Office and office hours

Vanessa Greer

Lassen Hall 2020F  TR 12:00-1:00PM




August 8, 2017




Be sure to check the calendar out frequently so that you are informed of the assignments and any updates. Note: G is for Ginsburg, We the People, and GC is for Governing California and R is for readings on the Web.

If you have a disability and require accommodations, you need to provide disability documentation to SSWD, Lassen Hall 1008, (916) 278-6955. Please discuss your accommodation needs with me or one of the student assistants after class or during my office hours early in the semester.



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SI classes  TR 8:00 (meets ARC 1009)  online adjunct

Calculating final grades    

Final Grades:  Classroom   Web 

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Your Gradebook ID can be accessed via Blackboard "My grades."

Missed quizzes, tests, and Insights will be assigned a grade of 0 unless the absence was excused in which case it will be assigned a grade of "a."

Official grades are kept in the Gradebook, not on Blackboard.  Check your grades regularly.  After a week the grade (for the quiz, test, insight, or extra credit) is posted, it becomes your official grade for the course.



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Guidelines for Insights

Classroom students are to hand in their essays before 9:00AM on the Insight Submission tab of SacCT. All insights must include a cover sheet that can also be found at the Insight Submissions tab on SacCT.

Web students must email the Professor their date selection for their Insight.  I will confirm your selection.  As dates fill up, it might be a good idea to give me a second choice.

Insights that result in conferences become eligible for an online conference with the instructor.  If your insight is selected, you may earn from 3-8 extra credit points.



govt1_files/image005.gif  Core Syllabus

Introductory lecture   Study Guides

Textbook information: Ginsburg, We the People: Eleventh Core Edition ISBN 9780393283624
Governing California 6th Edition  ISBN 978-0-393-60369
A discounted package of the texts is available at the campus bookstore. 978-0-393-64923-9


All textbooks are on reserve at the Library Reserve Book Room.  The text reading for the first two weeks is available on SacCT.


govt1_files/image006.jpg Blackboard 9.1


You should not use the bulletin board to raise questions that just concern yourself (e.g., your grade).  Private matters should be dealt with by email.  On the other hand, questions about the course should be posted on the bulletin board.

Guidelines for use of the Bulletin Board.

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