Version  1.40  February 21,  2008




 by Dan Gaskill a.k.a. Deeper Thought (DT)


DNWMD is a modification for 3DR's classic first person shooter, Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition. It relies heavily on the enhanced scripting system of the EDuke32 port.



 (1)  Find or create a directory that contains a copy of the file "Duke3d.grp".  (Your installation of Duke Nukem 3D contains this file).  Extract the contents of DNWMD.rar into that directory.

 (2) Start a game by double-clicking on DNWMD.bat

(3) Go under OPTIONS -> KEYBOARD SETUP (or MOUSE SETUP) to Assign keys for the commands “ALT FIRE” , “UPGRADE MENU”, and "DROP WEAPON".

 ! If you run this mod in “classic” 8-bit graphics mode, some graphics will not display correctly, and some will not display at all.  The same is true if you have “models” turned off under the advanced video settings menu.

To use DNWMD with the High Resolution Pack, simply place in the autoload folder (create the folder if it doesn't exist).








The upgrade screen (pictured above) first appears when you start a new game. Toggle it off or on at any time by pressing the Upgrade Menu key. Monsters and player actions are paused while the menu is up.

While in the upgrade screen, use the mouse to control the cursor (which looks like an overhead view of Duke Nukem). Hover the cursor over an item, and a description of it will appear in the center of the screen. If you have enough skill points, you can choose the selected item by pressing the fire button or use key.

Starting in the 12 O'clock position and moving clockwise, the upgrade items are as follows:


Increases your maximum life by 10 points (the amount you can be healed to). Also increases the maximum atomic health amount by 20 points (the max amount given by atomic health items).


Increases the amount of life and ammunition that the Dukebot will have when it spawns by upgrading the efficiency of HoloDuke energy.


Purchase special ammo for the selected weapon. Requires ammo coins. Once special ammo has been purchased for a weapon, it will be used automatically when the weapon is fired with the primary firing key (alt-fire will not deplete special ammo). The amount of special ammo in a weapon is displayed on the HUD, next to the letters SP. Note that special ammo provides additional ammo, it does not convert regular ammo into special.


Dodge Moves

Gives the player the ability to move rapidly (dodge) in a certain direction by double-tapping on the corresponding movement key (forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right). You can also do a long jump by jumping in mid-dodge. Finally, you can use dodge-moves to propel yourself off of walls while in the air. For example: suppose you jump up and you are touching a wall on your right side; in that case, you can push off the wall by double-tapping the strafe left key. Using this technique to push back and forth between facing walls, you can reach areas that would otherwise require the jetpack.

Special Kicks

The vampire kick is a stepping side-kick executed by kicking while pressing forward. Works with both Mighty Boot and Quick Kick. A portion of the damage inflicted on enemies with the kick heals the player (but not above maximum health). In addition, the vampire kick will knock enemies backwards. The amount of damage, and the distance it can knock enemies, depends on your overall damage level (see Damage upgrade). The vampire kick does extra damage if it connects while the player is airborne (flying kick).  The spinning hook kick is another special kick available from the same upgrade.  To execute, kick while pressing backward.  The spinning kick does not recover health, but can hit multiple enemies, and the player takes reduced damage if hit while performing the kick.  Although it is activated by pressing back, it still hits enemies in front of you, like the vampire kick.

The vampire kick knocks out a LIZTROOP.

Running Speed

Increases the player's running speed. Before upgrading, running speed is greatly reduced from the default speed of Duke 3D. After upgrading, it is still slightly lower than the default speed. Upgrading running speed also increases the speed of dodge moves.

Atomic Boots

This purchase doubles the damage caused by special kicks and gives Duke unlimited protection against harmful surfaces, such as electrical subway rails.


Reduces the percentage of damage taken from most attacks (exceptions include monster melee attacks). Since this upgrade is expensive, you may want to wait until most of the other upgrades are at satisfactory levels before investing in it.


These upgrades increase the normal limits for various things.

Stamina & Oxygen

Increases the rate of stamina recovery, and doubles the length of time that Duke can hold his breath underwater.

Up Max Inventory

Doubles the maximum amount of medkit, HoloDuke, and DimensionX goggle energy that Duke can carry.

Up Max Weight

Increases the maximum weight that Duke can carry.

Up Max Ammo

Doubles the maximum ammo capacity of each weapon.


Purchasing the Eshield upgrade enables the player to generate a personal energy shield. If you have at least 5 Nuke Coins, and rapidly tap backwards four times, the Eshield will appear in front of you, and continue to guard your front until it is destroyed (the amount of Eshield energy left is shown on the HUD). The Eshield allows your own shots to pass through it while blocking most incoming enemy projectiles. The shield remains hidden until enemies are nearby.  The upgrades for it include:

Reflects shots

Reflects most enemy projectiles, including missiles.


The Eshield will use its energy to heal the player.

Double hit points

The Eshield starts with double the normal amount of energy.


Nuke combos are special abilities activated by special sequences of key strokes. F = Forward, B = Back, L = strafe Left, R = strafe Right. In addition to requiring an initial purchase to gain the combo, each combo uses a certain number of Nuke Coins when activated.


This is the same upgrade described above (it must be purchased before the other nuke combos). Costs 5 Nuke Coins per shield.


Roid Rage simulates the effects of using steroids (speed, firing rate, regeneration), but lasts for a shorter time.  It cannot be used if you are already using steroids.  If you have unused steroids in your inventory at the time the combo is activated, your steroids item will become available again when the combo wears off. Costs 2 Nuke Coins per use.

DUKE NUKE (hold down + use)

To set a Duke Nuke, simultaneously crouch and hold the action key for one uninterrupted second.  At this point, the nuke will begin to count down from 6.  Get behind cover to survibr the blast -- merely putting distance between you and the nuke is usually not enough.  The Duke Nuke not only has a huge blast radius itself, but it also fires off projectiles in every horizontal direction that have huge blast radiuses.  If that isn't enough, the Duke Nuke spawns an expanding ring of deadly flames. Setting a Duke Nuke costs 5 nuke coins. 


M.D. creates a large sphere around the player which greatly slows any enemy projectiles that enter it, making them easy to avoid. This includes hitscan (i.e. “bullet”) type projectiles -- they change into real, slow-moving bullets when the sphere is active. The sphere lasts for a limited time, as indicated by the M.D. display on the HUD.  Costs 3 nuke coins per use.

SOUL COLLECTOR (L+R+L+R+L+R)    only works when goggles are in use

Soul Collector causes a soul coin in the map to move to the player's location.  It is useful for obtaining coins that have ended up in impossible to reach places.  To activate the combo, turn on the goggles, then simultaneously tap STRAFE LEFT and STRAFE RIGHT several times in rapid succession (it is also possible to activate the combo by rapidly alternating between left and right presses).  Costs 1 nuke coin per use.


You start the game with the Dimension-X Goggles and should never be without them (see description below for more details). The following upgrades are available:

Show Enemy Strength

Once this upgrade is purchased, life bars will appear above the heads of enemies in your field of view, showing how much strength they have left. Enemy life bars will flash when the enemy is taking damage. Some enemies are invulnerable to certain weapons; watch the life bars to check whether your attacks are being effective.

Target Lock

If you have an enemy in your sights, you can “lock on” to the enemy by pressing the use key (spacebar by default). When locked on, a special crosshair will appear and you will automatically face the enemy, giving you perfect horizontal aim. Your view height will also move towards the enemy's position, though you can still adjust it for brief periods. The lock will remain on, even if the enemy is out of view, until one of three things happens: (1) You press the use key, (2) The enemy is destroyed, (3) You die.

Slower Drain

Reduces by half the rate at which goggle energy drains.




The Lightning Gun hits with multiple arcs...

...Until the victim is obliterated.



Alt-Firing mode

Normal firing with special ammo*


BOMBDART: Sticks in target, detonates on timer. If target is an enemy, the Bombdart will detonate when the enemy is hit with another weapon. Costs 12 ammo.







FLAK SPRAY.  Does double damage against flesh targets.




RAILGUN. Headshots with Railgun do double-damage on most enemies.  Shots can go through some walls.


Will track target if used with target lock.


AUTO-TURRET (costs 3 ammo).  Spawn randomly with bullet, missile, or blaster attack.

Liquid nitrogen bomb. Freezes nearby enemies.


NOVA TORPEDO (costs 3 ammo).  Obliterates enemies.

Note: Alt-fire Shrinker = the Expander.






WALL ROCKET. Once planted, it launches when an enemy or player crosses its line of sight.

Guided Wall Rocket. Like Wall Rocket, with extra damage and locks on to target.

The primary firing mode creates a lightning storm around targets.  Capable of destroying missiles in flight.

THUNDER BOLT. Headshots do double-damage on most enemies.  Bolts can go through some walls.

Spark Burst.  Fires a devastating barrage of spark projectiles.



* Special ammo is purchased in the upgrade menu using ammo coins.

A pigcop ducks a shot from an auto-turret.


DNWMD uses an experience based weapon upgrade system.  Each weapon (including the Mighty Boot) begins at level 0, which is the equivalent of 60% of normal damage.  When monsters are killed while a weapon is selected, you gain experience with that weapon, eventually raising its level.  Weapons gain 20% of normal damage per level.  Thus, a level 2 weapon does 100% of normal damage, and a level 7 weapon does 200% of normal damage.  The maximum level is 10. 

There is a catch:  not only do higher levels require much more experience than lower levels to attain, but the rate at which you gain experience for a weapon is affected by the experience levels of your other weapons.  The experience gained by a weapon will slow and eventually come to a stop if other weapons are not upgraded.  At the bottom center of the screen is a display showing the level of the selected weapon with the words "WEAPON LEVEL #"  A colored bar will begin to fill this area as the weapon gains experience.  A BLUE bar indicates that the weapon is gaining experience at a normal rate.  A YELLOW bar indicates that the weapon is gaining experience at half the normal rate.  A RED bar indicates one fourth the normal rate, and a BLACK bar means that experience gain has stopped completely.  If you notice that the bar is not blue or that there is no bar at all after several kills, then you should switch to a weapon with normal experience gain.

It is possible to use the quick kick and the special kicks while a weapon is selected.  Monsters killed with kicks will add to your Mighty Boot weapon experience, which determines the damage of all your kicks.  You must switch to the Mighty Boot weapon (weapon 1) to see the weapon level of your kicks.  Unlike the other weapons, you can gain experience for special kicks merely by damaging monsters, even if you don't kill them.  A good strategy for maximizing experience is to weaken a monster with a vampire kick and then finish it off with a gun.




If you have enough HoloDuke energy, activating the HoloDuke will launch a projectile that looks like the HoloDuke statue.  It will bounce a couple of times and then spawn a DUKEBOT.  The DUKEBOT will attack visible enemies with a variety of weapons. If it gets low on a certain type of ammo, it will try to find ammo of that type on the ground and pick it up.  When out of ammo, it will attack enemies with a Hurricane Kick.  You can add to the health of your DUKEBOT (no upper limit!) by activating the HoloDuke while you have an active DUKEBOT.  If there are no enemies around and it does not see any ammo that it needs, the DUKEBOT will attempt to follow the player. The player does not take friendly fire damage from his own DUKEBOT, with the exception of splash damage.  You can re-absorb the DUKEBOT at any time by pressing the use key while it is near.


If you set a DukeNuke (see below) while you have a DUKEBOT, your DUKEBOT will attempt to absorb the energy of the nuke and become super-powered for a short time.  It gains health from the merger, and the ability to fire railgun shots, BFG shots, and use a more powerful version of the Hurricane Kick.  The DUKEBOT can only absorb one DukeNuke at a time, so if you set a second one while the DUKEBOT is still flashing, the second DukeNuke will detonate.

DimensionX GOGGLES

Using the goggles grants Duke the ability to interact with objects in Dimension X . Soul coins (see below) cannot be seen or picked up unless the goggles are activated.  The goggles can also bring Duke into contact with extra-dimensional monsters, so beware! Goggles will reveal invisible objects and monsters (including cloaked troopers), and enable to player to hit out-of-phase Octabrains. Warning: While it is possible to use the goggles when goggle energy drops below 1%, doing so will drain your life. Use goggle energy wisely.

DimensionX goggles reveal a Soul Coin.


It is possible to activate the jetpack by pressing and holding jump after double-jumping, while still in the air (triple jumping, in other words).  In this mode, the jetpack will use less fuel, but it will only thrust the player upwards while the jump button is held.


Duke jumps higher when on steroids. Double jumping on steroids is VERY high.  Steroids will also heal the player when active, up to full or 100 health, whichever is less.  The firing rate of most weapons is greatly increased while steroids are being used.


The medkit has a greater maximum capacity.



COINSEnemies drop coins when they die. 

INVENTORY COINS (blue)  add small amounts to your first aid kit, DimensionX goggles or Holuduke. 

NUKE COINS (green) are used for "NUKE COMBOS" explained above. 

AMMO COINS (red) are used to purchase special ammo. 

SOUL COINS (silver glowing) give you skill points which are used to to purchase upgrades and also replenish your goggle energy.  Soul coins cannot be seen or picked up unless you are using the DimensionX goggles. 

Boss coins are very large and only dropped by big bosses. In addition to ending the game, Boss coins grant a large number of points.

Treasure Chests, like soul coins, are invisible unless you are using the goggles. Chests hold a random number of Nuke Coins and Soul Coins. Each chest comes with a guardian (an invisible monster), so beware.



Up to 3 high scores per episode are saved.


Aside from completing the episodes, the main goal in DNWMD is to get the highest score possible, which is achieved by killing monsters. The top three high scores from each episode are saved, and can be viewed by selecting the High Scores option on the upgrade menu screen.

Scores are recorded when (a) the player dies, or (b) the player completes an episode by getting a Boss Coin. Scores are not saved when playing with the “user map” option.


Monsters do not respawn on the highest difficulty setting.  The extra difficulty comes from the fact that the monsters will be much more difficult.  Also, you start with a high score, in addition to extra skill points, nuke coins, and the shotgun. Try playing an episode on "Damn I'm  Good" after you have beaten the episode, and you will start with even more points and skill points.


Health, Armor and Eshield amounts are displayed as bars, rather than numbers.

Soul Coin Radar

When a Soul Coin spawns, an arrow will appear on the lower right side of the HUD. The arrow will point towards the coin, and will grow bigger or smaller depending on how far away the coin is. The arrow has a dark shade if the coin is not in your line of sight (e.g. it is behind a wall). If more than one Soul Coin has spawned, the arrow can only point towards one of them (usually the closest). This feature makes it possible to conserve goggle energy – you only need to turn on the goggles when close to a Soul Coin. However, the radar will not reveal the location of Treasure Chests.

Weight bar:  Gray bar displaying how much weight you are carrying.  Weight is increased by weapons, ammo, medkit amount, and jetpack amount.  If the bar is full, you cannot pick up any more items.  Deplete ammo by firing weapons to reduce weight.

Weapon level:  Shows current weapon's level, and an experience progress bar.  The color of the bar indicates whether an experience penalty is in effect (see Weapon Upgrade System).

Stamina bar
:  Yellow bar displaying your remaining stamina, which is used when you perform special kicks, double jumps or dodge moves.  These cannot be performed when stamina is depleted.

Screen Resizing has been disabled in order to prevent display errors due to the new HUD.

Pigcop gore



This Mech graphic was ripped from the Zero Hour TC

DNWMD includes all of the standard enemies from Duke Nukem 3D.  In addition, there are some new enemies and new varieties of the old enemies.  Note that if you are playing DNWMD with the Hi-Res Pack, some of the enemy variants will look the same as regular enemies.  This is because they do not yet have their own skins.

Lizard Trooper (LIZTROOP)
Lizard Trooper

-Assault troopers (with red backpacks) fire shock bolts, which briefly stun the player, in addition to doing more damage than standard lasers.
-All troopers have a chance of spawning with a personal force shield.
-Cloaked troopers can be seen when the DimensionX goggles are used.
-When the player reaches a score of 6000, purple troopers begin to appear; they use railguns, have much more life than other troopers, and can teleport behind the player.

Pigcop (PIGCOP)

-Large Pigcops with red skin can fire rockets; they also explode when killed.
-When the player reaches a score of 3000, Superpigs begin to appear.  Superpigs come in two varieties.  Some are purple; these  fire heat-seeking plasma bolts, are very tough and can fire gas grenades which harm the player but not monsters.  Green Superpigs fire a combination of mortars and acid bullets.

Lizard Captain (LIZMAN)
Lizard Captain

-Ice lizards fire freezeblasts and shatter when killed.  They are also immune to the freezer and take extra damage from incendiary globs.
-All lizard captains have a chance of spawning with a personal force shield.
-When the player reaches a score of 4000, fire lizard captains begin to appear; they shoot fiery bullets and breah fire, and are immune guessed

Sentry Drone (DRONE)
Sentry Drone

-Blue sentry drones contain highly compressed liquid nitrogen, which they release in an explosion when destroyed.  This can cause more damage than the explosives of standard sentry drones.

Fat Commander (COMMANDER)
Fat Commander

-Regular Commanders can launch seekers in addition to rockets; seekers are slow moving explosive projectiles that can be destroyed by weapons in-flight.
-All Commanders have an enhanced spinning attack which follows the player.
-When the player reaches a score of 2000, purple Commanders begin to appear; they use nova blasts and have more life than other Commanders.


-Some eggs exist only in Dimension X.  These are invisible unless the player is using the DimensionX goggles.  Some invisible eggs spawn mini-Dukes (see below), while others spawn invisible spiders.

Spider (SPIDERX)

-Spiders spawn from invisible eggs, and like the eggs they spawn from, can only be seen when the goggles are being used.  They come in four different colors:  blue (freezer), red (fire), black (black bolts), and green (poison).  Some spiders are suicide bombers and will explode when near the player.

Octabrain (OCTABRAIN)

-All Octabrains exist partially in DimensionX and so cannot be hit by most weapons unless they are attacking, or unless the goggles are on.
-When the player reaches a score of 2000, Superbrains begin to appear.  Superbrains fire black bolts at their allies which heal them and can even resurrect fallen monsters.  They also emit a cloud of darkness which makes it difficult to see when they are nearby, unless you are using the goggles.

Tank (TANK)

-Red tanks are bigger and tougher, and can fire a larger variety of weapons, including a flamethrower.

Alien Drone (NEWBEAST)
Alien Drone

-The standard Alien Drone can use an acid spit attack, in addition to their usual shrinker attack.
-Baby drones are spawned from infested humans ("kill me" women).  These cannot shoot, but they do scratch and are just as fast as the adults.

-Phase Drones guard treasure chests.  Phase Drones are barely visible and cannot be harmed unless the player is using the goggles.  They launch seekers instead of the standard shrinker.
-Superbeasts begin to appear when the player reaches a score of 3000.  They are big and red, are immune to fire, and spit molten boulders.  Molten boulders bounce off of walls and break into smaller boulders until they eventually explode.
-Teledrones begin to appear when your score reaches 15000 or so.  They can teleport behind the player and emit an acid spray from their claws.

Battlelord (BOSS1)

-Battlelords come in two varieties:  regular and purple.  Purple battelords shoot green projectiles which resemble paintballs.  These disintegrate on impact, spawning small clouds of toxic gas.

Overlord (MINIBOSS3)

-Purple overlords are medium-sized enemies that rush at the player and occassionally fire volleys of small rockets.  They can also jump, so beware.
-Red overlords begin to appear when the player's score reaches 5000; they are larger and tougher, and fire volleys of laser bolts.
-Black overlords start to show up at around 5000 points.  They do not fire weapons but are very fast and dangerous.

Cycloid (MINIBOSS2)

-Cycloids can breath fire and shoot shock bolts.  The Cycloid Emperor has a few new tricks as well.


-Queens spawn baby drones, and fire black bolts (like Superbrains).  However, these are targeted at the player and not her allies.

Evil Duke (EVILDUKE)
Evil Duke

The aliens got hold of some of Duke Nukem's DNA and used it to make evil clones.  These spawn with one randomly chosen weapon.

-Mini evil Dukes are spawned from DimensionX eggs and exist only in DimensionX.  Their small size makes them very difficult to target.
-Normal sized evil Dukes can use a hurricane kick attack, just like the Dukebot.

Robotrooper (ROBOMAN)

-Equipped with a rocket pack, Robotroopers are very agile.  Armed with an automatic laser cannon, they are very dangerous.  They also have the ability to heal themselves when stationary.  Red robotroopers begin to spawn at 6000 points -- they can teleport behind the player and sometimes fire guided blasters.

Mech Walker (MECH1)


-If you are facing a Mech Walker....don't.  Get behind cover.  Their flak spray and volleys of guided missiles makes it virtually impossible to survive a frontal assault.

Robolord (MECH2)

-The Robolord makes its first appearance only after you have reached a score of 10000 points.  It is equipped with an automatic shotgun, and can fire plasma torpedos from its chest.  Its greatest asset, however, is its exceptionally strong armor plating.

Devastator Drone (DRONEDEV)
Devastator Drone

Named after the weapon that they resemble, Devastator Drones fire balls of plasma from their twin barrels in alternating fashion.  They come equipped with a pair of rotating gun turrets attached to the underside, which fire bullets.

Enemy Shields:  Some enemies will spawn with protective force barriers.  These barriers will block most of your shots until destroyed.  Some weapons will bypass a force barrier, however.  These include:  incendiary globs, explosives (because of the splash damage), thunderbolt shots, lightning bolts, and special kicks.

Enemy Immunities:  Some enemies will spawn with an immunity to a certain type of attack.  The type of immunity is indicated by the color of the enemy's life bar (life bars are visible when you purchase the first goggle upgrade).  Immunities become more frequent as score increases.  By the time you reach 20000 points, every monster is immune to something.

RED Life bar:  No immunity

WHITE Life bar:  Immune to bullet type weapons (includes all hitscan weapons plus flak)

YELLOW Life bar:  Immune to all explosive type weapons (includes rockets, bombs, and BFG)

GREEN Life bar:  Immune to elemental and energy weapons (fire, cold, shrinker, sparks)

BLACK Life bar:  Immune to kicks.



The four original episodes of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition.

EPISODE 5: Retribution

The Retribution episode is a collection of some of the best maps ever made for Duke Nukem 3D.  This collection spans the entire history of the game, from 1996 to 2007 (and counting).  While some of the older maps included have certainly been surpassed in terms of detail and effects by later maps, these early maps are still of high quality and have excellent gameplay as well as nostalgic appeal.  Please note that for logistical reasons, maps with user art have not been included.


The complete collection (including the secret level, if you can find it) of urban maps by the legendary Pascal Rouaud, now as an episode.  Because the ROCH series does not have a boss ending, WGCity by William Gee (with an added boss) was added to the end of the episode.

EPISODE 7: Duke Nukem Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is another user map episode like Retribution. The same description applies.


Some tips, in no particular order:


-To TerminX, without whose EDuke32 CON commands and help on using them this mod would not exist

- Usurper, Mblackwell, FreeFrag and others at the forums who gave me helpful tips

- DavoX, Necro47, Geoffrey, Hendricks266, Dopefish7590, Odin, The Commander and others who have provided play-testing and other input

- Parkar and Hellbound, (especially Hellbound) for creating the models and skins, and art from sd_duke used in this mod.

- Dr. Kill and Soul Collector who made the Pigcop skins and models used in this mod

- Various contributors to the HRP, some tiles and models of which are used in this mod

- The creators of Zero Hour and Robotech TCs, where I got the art for the Mech and Robotrooper.  And, uh, to the makers of Strife, from which I ripped the "Robolord" sprites.

- And most of all, my wife, who put up with me through the whole process and helped me learn some Photoshop basics.


DNWMD was started on April 8 2006