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Thomas L. Heflin is Professor of Insurance and Finance at California State University, Sacramento. He received his Ph. D. from the University of Oregon in 1972 and has been in academia since that time. He has made numerous presentations to both professional and academic organizations and written many articles on a wide range of insurance, employee benefits and public policy issues. His most recent publication examines the ERISA preemption and how it conflicts with state regulation of employee benefits. He is currently conducting research on ERISA exemptions and state mandated benefits.

In addition , Mr. Heflin is a financial consultant specializing in risk management and serves as an expert witness regarding a broad array of insurance and economic matters.

He is the founding faculty advisor for the Alpha Eta chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma. Dr. Heflin has encouraged all students to attend professional meetings of several insurance related associations including: RIMS, GSEBC and the RMF. He has taken GIS members to a variety of these professional meetings. Several organizations have offered students memberships at a discounted rate. The Alpha Eta chapter annually participates in a number of events. The Chapter co-sponsors the Insurance Career Fair at California State University, Sacramento. This annual event has attracted more than 2750 students and 200 local companies and agencies over the past seven years. At the 1996 annual initiation dinner, Dr. Heflin received a California Legislature Assembly Resolution commending his work for the Insurance program at California State University, Sacramento. The Alpha Eta chapter also participated in several community service activities including volunteering at Loaves & Fishes, Operation Student Thank You and a designated driver program.

Dr. Heflin currently is the Director of the Insurance Education and Research Program at the Sacramento Campus of the CSU System. In addition, he is a founder and President of the California Insurance Education Foundation, a not-for-profit public organization dedicated to raising funds to be used for the support of insurance related educational activities.

Since the Foundation's inception in March of 1988, they have provided 121 scholarships to academically exceptional students concentrating in insurance studies; established 58 internships with Sacramento area companies and agencies; developed community support and guest lecture programs and acquired research materials for the CSUS Library as well as assisting in the development of new insurance related curriculum.

In a separate program funded by Aetna, the American Insurance Association, USAA, and Zurich-American in cooperation with the School of Business at California State University, Sacramento, Dr. Heflin started an under-represented student mentor program in insurance. The Student Education for Leadership in the Future program brings mentorship, internship, and other developmental learning experiences to minority students through a comprehensive interactive program involving the insurance industry, the community, and California State University, Sacramento.

The SELF program involves students, insurance corporate mentors, and faculty. It includes a college years element, academic development and career services, and an community outreach component.


The Insurance Program at CSUS

CSU, Sacramento is proud to be the only university in California that offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Insurance

The Insurance Concentration:

The insurance concentration offered at CSU, Sacramento is one of the only two programs in the Western United States, and the only program in California.

The purpose of the insurance area of the concentration is threefold:

First, part of the concentration is offered as a tool for the future managers whose academic concentration is another area of the School or University.
Second, it serves as an introduction to insurance for those students who manifest an interest in insurance careers.
Finally, the information contained in the insurance courses offered is highly useful consumer information.

The concentration is intended to be integrated with the other areas of the School, but more specifically for those students having a career interest in Finance, Managing Human Resources, Marketing, Real Estate and Law.

The following is a listing of the required core concentration courses:

Please consult the current CSUS Catalog for a complete listing of requirements and any changes.

MGMT 138- Principles of Risk Management and Insurance.
MGMT 139A- Business Property and Liability Insurance.
MGMT 139B- Employee Benefits and Financial Planning.

Note: MGMT 138 is a Prerequisite for both MGMT 139A and MGMT 139B

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The California Insurance Education Foundation

The Insurance Industry, under the auspices of the California Insurance Education Foundation (CIEF), provides support to students in the form of scholarships and paid work experiences. CIEF is a non-profit public organization dedicated to raising funds to be used for the support of insurance related educational activities.

CIEF identifies CSU, Sacramento as an accredited higher educational institution with an existing insurance education and research program in California and has supported several activities at the campus to meet foundation objectives. In addition, the insurance industry is the third largest employer in the Sacramento metropolitan area.


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The SELF Program


( A division of The Insurance Program , CBA, CSUS)

Supported by Grants from:

Aetna Foundation
American Insurance Association
USAA Foundation
Zurich American Group


To support and enhance the academic and career achievement potential of college entry level minority students by providing them with a multifaceted complimentary support system involving corporate mentors, faculty sponsors, career fellowships, academic development workshops, internships, and career seminars.

To prepare minority students in high school through college for leadership roles in the insurance field.

To strengthen and build a more positive perception of the role of minority candidates within the insurance industry.

To improve the curent environment to foster minority involvement and interaction with the business faculty and the insurance community.


College Years

This part of SELF is for CSUS minority students and includes a mentorship program with corporate and faculty mentors, an internship program involving fieldwork at insurance companies, and an awards and achievement program which recognizes outstanding academic performance and involvement in the insurance field.

Academic and Career Services

This part of SELF is designed to help CSUS minority students with academic and career issues by providing career planning, faculty academic counseling, corporate insurance mentors, and various workshops to promote the development of academic and career skills.

Community Outreach

This part of SELF is for pre-CSUS students. It deals with outreach to high school and community college students to promote minority students involvement in both academic life and the insurance industry before the students are enrolled at CSUS. The services provided include tours of the insurance companies, seminars about the insurance field, and workshops on study skills, careers and university life


The Insurance field offers many exciting career opportunities such as :

Benefits Representative
Claims Representative
Estate Planner
Insurance Examiner
Loss Control Consultant
Title Officer


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