Child Development 242 (01)
Theoretical Perspectives in Child Development
Fall, 2010 - Hembree


Article Presentations

For this assignment, you will present a recent empirical article to the class on a developmental topic of your choice. The article should be (a) recent (published within the last 5 years or so), (b) from a peer-review journal and (c)  concern the topic discussed during your assigned class period. Presented articles will be incorporated into the lecture/discussion for that day. You may choose an article cited in the reading(s) for that day, or use psychinfo to search for a different article.

In preparation for your presentation:

  1. Choose an article and provide a copy of it to me for approval (due 9/14)

  2. Write a short - but formal - 2-page summary of the article, summarizing the most important points in the introduction, method, results, and discussion. Attach your copy of the article to the paper (due 10/5)

  3. Arrange to meet with me (briefly) 1-2 weeks before your presentation so that I may look over your handout and we may discuss your ideas.  


Presentation Format

Your presentation should be 12-15 minutes in length, and cover the most important points of your article. I hope there will be some student questions/discussion, so allow a couple of minutes after your presentation to answer them. The structure of your presentation should mirror the article itself, i.e.:

·         Intro (purpose/hypotheses)

·         Method

·         Results

·         Conclusions/Discussion

Your presentation should also include some evaluation of the study’s method and/or conclusions and at least one discussion question. You may also want to consider visual aids to help convey concepts to the rest of the class. Please practice your presentation for timing; I will cut you off if you go over.


A handout (1-2 page) for each student is required (there are 16 students in the class). Handouts should be succinct but clear and understandable (remember that your fellow students have not read the article…). Ideally, students should be able to take notes on the handout. I will arrange to copy any overheads or handouts if they are given to me a week before your scheduled presentation. See this sample handout for format and length of handouts.

 Schedule for presentations: 




Cognitive Development

Kumi, Jina, Kirsten




Language Development

Christina, Lauren, Erin



Temperament and Emotional Development

 Ame, Ilanit, Yoko



Gender and Moral Development

Todd, Leon



Parent-Child and Peer Relationships

Lindsey, Liz, Grace




School and Community

Toni, Alli


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