Geology 10 (Physical Geology)

California State University, Sacramento

Week 6: Sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks


Upon completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • Name and describe the three types of sedimentary rocks:  clastic, chemical, organic

  • Relate particle size to sediment names:  clay, silt, sand, gravel

  • Discuss how sedimentary particles change size and shape during transport

  • Name the common sedimentary rocks, and describe the properties of each

  • Show how sedimentary structures tell geologists about the environment of deposition

  • Describe how new minerals and textures form in metamorphic rocks

  • Discuss the effects of temperature and pressure on the formation of metamorphic rocks

  • Identify slate, phyllite, schist and gneiss in hand specimen

  • Discuss the plate tectonic setting where metamorphic rocks are likely to form

Homework for week six:
Take the on-line quiz for sedimentary rocks. You can find the quiz by following this link:

Click on the “Resources” tab at the top of the page, and scroll down to the chapter six on-line quiz.  Complete the quiz, and e-mail the results to me at:

Please note:  This is different from my CSUS e-mail address!

Due date for on-line quiz homework:  The start of class on Friday, October 7

Test corrections:  Use this key to identify questions that you got wrong.  Write at least 2 sentences that demonstrate that you know the correct answer.  I will give you back 1/3 of the points that you lost.  If you want points back for an essay, you must completely rewrite the essay.  I will round off to the nearest point.

Answer key, Exam #1

Due date for test corrections:  Monday, October 10

Reading assignments for week six:

From Plummer, Carlson and Hammersley, Physical Geology, 13th edition

Chapter 6- Sedimentary rocks

Chapter 7- Metamorphic rocks


Powerpoint graphics for week six:


Sedimentary rock powerpoint slides


Metamorphic rock powerpoint slides