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Goals and Objectives Homework Assignment
Due Wednesday, January 28th

Please respond as completely as possible to the following questions. If you need additional space, feel free to attach additional sheets. Your responses will enable me to assess your background and to focus our discussions on areas of particular interest to the class. Thank you!

Note: All responses will remain confidential.
If you have any questions, concerns, or insights, do not hesitate to see me personally to discuss.

Class: ______________________________________ Semester/Year: ________________________

Your name: ________________________________________________________________________

How would you like to be addressed in class (i.e. nickname)? ___________________________________

Major and concentration: ______________________________________________________________

Phone number(s) Please indicate (H)ome/(W)ork/(C)ell: _______________________________________

E-mail address: (Please print clearly) _______________________________________________________

If a fellow student needs to contact you about a school-related manner (i.e. group assignment, notes, etc.)
may I give them your phone number or e-mail address? Yes No E-mail only

What are you career objectives? In what ways do you anticipate communication skills will impact your ability to be successful in this career?

Are you currently employed? If so, where do you work and how many hours per week do you work?


Name a hobby, outside interest, or extracurricular activity that you frequently participate in.

Why are you taking this course?


What are your personal learning objectives for this class (i.e. what knowledge, skills or abilities do you want to learn or improve in this course)?




How will you know if you have achieved your personal objectives?

What communication topics are you most interested in exploring this semester? Why?

What other Communication Studies courses have you taken?

Is there anything that I should know about you that could assist me in helping you to meet your learning objectives in this course?

Review the syllabus. What questions do you have for me regarding the course?

Please review and sign the following student contract acknowledging your understanding and commitment to course policies and procedures.

Student Contract: “I understand the course policies set forth in the syllabus and explained by the instructor, and I agree to abide by them, particularly
1. My responsibility to keep up with the course calendar, in terms of reading assignments prior to class meetings and turning in work on time.
2. My responsibility to set aside at least 3 hours of study time for this course for each 1 hour of class time the course meets in order to accomplish the course learning objectives.
3. The importance of punctuality and attendance, including potential effects on my final grade due to excessive absences.
4. The importance of proofreading my work to prevent errors in grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling in my written work.
5. The importance of ethics in academia, particularly in regard to plagiarism and cheating policies.”

Print Name: ___________________________________________

Signed: _______________________________________________ Date: ________________

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