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Small Group Self-Evaluation

(50 points)



• Synthesize important concepts learned about working in small groups.
• Apply insights to human communication in small groups.

Specific Requirements:
This assignment is meant to get you thinking about how communication occurs in small groups. Since you had an experience with small group communication in the development and delivery of your group lesson, you will be well equipped to fulfill this assignment. Based on your experience in the Group Lesson assignment, thoroughly respond to each of the following questions in complete sentences. Be sure to define/cite principles explained in your text where appropriate. This is a measure (test) of your comprehension of small group communication so be thorough and name/define concepts we have learned to demonstrate your understanding and application in your small group experience.

• What role(s) did you play in the group? What role(s) did other group members play?
• How were the roles established? Were they formal or informal?
• Were there roles that were not filled? If so, what was the consequence of this void?
• How did the balance/interaction between task/maintenance/self-centered roles in your group enhance or detract from your performance and cohesiveness?

Leadership and Power
• What was the leadership style/decision-making style used by your group? Was this style effective?
• What types of power did members of your group and yourself hold?

Rules and Norms
• What rules and norms did your group adopt?
• How were rules and norms established? Were they challenged?
• How did your group react to norms or rules that were challenged by group members? Did this create conflict or cohesion?

Conflict Resolution
• What conflict(s) were encountered as a group? How was each one managed (use communication terms to describe the strategies you used to resolve conflict)?
• Which conflicts were resolved? How? Cite specific strategies and communication approaches.
• What were the positive and negative effects on the group as a result of each of these conflicts?
• Did your group experience groupthink? If so, what caused this to happen? If not, how did you prevent it?
• What factors contributed or detracted from group cohesion?

The small group self-evaluation should be 4 - 6 pages in length, typed in 12 point font, double-spaced.

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