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Information Competence Tutorials (85% minimum score)

(50 Points)

• Become familiar with research resources and techniques at CSUS Library.

Specific Requirements:
This is an on-line, library-administered requirement of the course – Students MUST pass the information competence module with a score of 80% or better to pass the course (Incompletes (I)will be issued for those students who fail to earn 80% on the Information Competency Tutorials). Since I will be awarding points for the course, a score of 85% or better is required to earn 50 points.

You will complete a pre-test, a series of on-line tutorials on how to do relevant, appropriate and effective research, and a post-test. The tutorials will be delivered via WebCT. If you have web access at home, you can do the tutorials there. Your pre-test or post-test grade must be 85% to receive credit for completing the tutorials. If you do not achieve an 85% score, you can re-take the tutorials and post-test as often as you wish. If you have participated in the Information Competence Tutorials in prior courses, you will still be required to take the pre-test and achieve a score of 85% or above to earn points for this class.

Deadlines for completion of the Pre- and Post-Test are indicated on the course calendar. The library will electronically submit scores directly to the instructor, so you do not need to provide documentation. This process will enhance your ability to conduct research necessary for the Small Group Presentation.

You will need a SacLink account in order to complete this assignment. If you do not yet have a SacLink account, you may obtain one now by going to

Once you have a SacLink account, you may take the Information Competence through the Library Instructional Services portal at Library Information Competance Homepage.