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Intercultural Informative Dyad Evaluation Form

(This is the criteria that will be used to assign grades) 

Introduction (gain audience attention and interest, create a context for the speech) 10 points

            ____ Attention getter to gain audience interest          _____ Preview main points

Clarity of Speech Goal & Purpose                                                                           15 points

(Speech is clearly informative in purpose; works to TEACH the audience something specific about the topic; organized in a logical manner, transitions between speakers and main points)

            ____ Informative in nature                              _____ Transitions between main points

            ____ Clear Structure to Lesson                       _____ Transitions between speakers

Development of Rich Well-Grounded Content                                                      20 points

(Rich treatment of a narrow topic, use of examples and personal stories)

            _____ Ample examples                                   _____  Specific examples unique of culture

Conclusion                                                                                                                 10 points

(Signal the end of the speech, serve to focus audience attention on key ideas, impression leaving, clinches the end of the speech)

            _____ Speech was wrapped up; did not end abruptly

            _____ Main points of presentation reviewed

Use of Two Visual Aids                                                                                            10 points

(Helpful to audience understanding and memory, creatively designed, appropriately handled, clear to see)

            _____ Clearly visible to all class                     _____ Unique and memorable of culture

Delivery                                                                                                                      20 points

(Voices are easily audible to all audience members, eye contact is direct, gestures are conversational, and speakers are energetic and extemporaneous)

Co-Presenting Skills                                                                                                 10 points

(Was there a variety in the presentation, appropriate use of space, equal distribution of time, transitions between speakers smooth and purposeful?)

            _____ Variety presenting                                _____ Equal time between speakers

Appropriate Use of Time (5 - 7minutes)                                                               5 points

Keep doing….                                                             For the next speech, work on….

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