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Intercultural Information Dyad Presentation
(100 Points)

• Synthesize what you have learned about intercultural communication
• Apply your and your partners' life experience to the course concepts.
• Develop a 5-7 minute informative presentation with a partner.
• Practice skills of co-presentation.
• Develop appropriate introductions and conclusions.

Specific Requirements:
Each member of the dyad will conduct an interview to learn about your partner’s culture (sample questions are provided below). From the information you learn about each other, together you will develop and co-present a 5-7 minute informative presentation. Each presenter will speak about their partner’s culture, not their own. This will require preparation together and a thorough grasp of the unique characteristics of your partner’s culture. The theme of the content is up to you and your partner and should inform your audience about the distinctive characteristics of your cultures (i.e. clothing, language, social rules and behavioral norms, dance, music, etc.)

In your presentation you will use a minimum of TWO visual aids for clarity and audience interest. Plan to share ideas and thoughts in a creative fashion in order to teach the class what you have discovered about intercultural communication.

Bring (1) Blank videotape per dyad on the day of your presentation!

Interview Questions
(Refer to Chapter 8 in your book for a review in interviewing techniques)

The following questions are for you and your partner to consider while interviewing each other for the intercultural presentation. These questions are designed to help you generate topic ideas and gain a better understanding of your partner. Your presentation does not have to address every question, but should explore several of the concepts listed. Remember that cultures are not only ethnicity. You are involved with many co-cultures as students, members of teams, religious institutions, the sports you play, and your hobbies.

1. Describe your group identification.
2. Identify the degree to which you feel tied to this group. Explain reasons for your answers.
3. List the traditions/rituals that strengthen/weaken your ties to this group. Describe some of the traditions maintained in your group (i.e. food, dress, gender roles, language, dance, music, etc.)
4. Explain how you felt growing up or participating in this group. Recall, is your identified group a perceived majority or minority?
5. Explain some of the stereotypes that others identify with your group.
6. Recall any experiences you have had with discrimination. Illustrate any such experiences with examples. Explore how you felt during this/these experiences.
7. What strategies did you and other members of your co-culture utilize to interact with the dominant groups you were faced with?

Grading for the Intercultural Dyad Presentation will be based on Intercultural Dyad Grading Criteria and both presenters will receive the same grade for the team's performance.

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