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Learning Style Assessment Homework
Due Monday, February 2nd
10 points

• Identify your learning style.
• Examine ways in which your learning style affects your communication choices.
• Propose ways in which your understanding of learning styles may influence your future communication choices.

Since your learning style affects the way in which you listen to and present information, an analysis of your learning style will be invaluable to you. Your assessment of your learning style will include three steps.

1. Complete the online Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire at
2. When you finish, click on “Submit” to view your results.
3. After viewing (and printing) the results of your questionnaire, click on “Learning Style Descriptions” at the bottom of the page. This page will tell you the significance of your learning style and will give you suggestions to help you maximize your communication experiences with people who have different learning styles than you have. Print this page for your own future reference.
4. Finally, write approximately one page in which you:

a) Discuss your results and whether or not they were a surprise to you based on your previous learning experiences;
b) Provide an example of how your learning style influences your communication choices in educational environments (i.e. in which communication context are you most/least comfortable? Large seminar classes, smaller groups face-to-face courses or distance learning. Do you tend to sit in the front row in classes or in the back? Do you ask and/or respond to questions aloud or mentally process? How do you behave in contexts/assignments which require interpersonal communication, small group interaction, or presentational speaking, etc.)?
c) Predict one specific way in which new understanding about learning styles (your own and perhaps other people’s) may affect the way in which you communicate in the future.

Note: Please attach a copy of your learning style results page to your paper.

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