Nonverbal Rules


• Identify rules or norms that govern our nonverbal behavior
• Discuss the ways in which we learn nonverbal rules
• Relate principles and concepts of nonverbal behavior to each of the nonverbal norms or rules


Write at least three rules of nonverbal behavior for each of the nonverbal areas listed below.
Some examples include:

(Proxemics or space) When entering an elevator with other people you should move to the farthest corner.

(Vocal cues) Do not speak loudly in church.

(Artifactual cues/clothing) Wear black or dark colors at funerals and cheerful colors but not white to weddings.

(Kinesics) Raise your hand for permission to speak in elementary school


• Artifactual Cues

• Vocal Cues

• Kinesics

• Space

• Touch


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