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Object Presentation
(50 Points)

• Share with your classmates your learning from the course
• Assess your communication style
• Demonstrate your knowledge of public speaking

Specific Requirements:
On the day of the final, you will bring an object to share with the class that is in some way symbolic of you as a communicator. You are to present the object and an oral description of the characteristics of your communication style that the object reflects. Your presentation should be
2 - 3 minutes in length, speaking extemporaneously.

When selecting your object consider the content of the entire course; listening, nonverbal, intercultural, dyadic, small group, and public communication, and try to find a metaphor for your style. “My communication style when listening/speaking interpersonally/expressing myself nonverbally/participating in a small group/presenting a formal presentation is like/similar to/reminds me of _________. Because…” And be creative!