Fall 2006

EDTE 101 A/B

  • Tues. & Thurs.: 7:30 - 9 a.m.
  • Off Campus, Cordova Meadows Elementary School

EDTE 314

  • Friday: 8 - 11:45
  • Off Campus, Rancho Cordova Elementary School

EDS 123A/B

  • Monday: 4 - 6:50
  • Eureka 313E  (14 wk.)

EDTE 505

  • Masters Thesis Advising—by appt.

Curriculum and Instruction Program Advising

  • Tuesdays 3 - 6 p.m. and by appointment



The NCTM states: “A major goal of mathematics is to help children develop the belief that they have the power to do mathematics. This autonomy develops and grows as children gain confidence and learn that mathematics makes sense, is logical, and is enjoyable.” Knowing mathematics involves doing mathematics.

The goal of these courses is to provide opportunities for preservice teachers to develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to pass along an enjoyment and confidence in mathematics to their elementary students.


Dr. Rita Johnson

Dr. Rita Johnson

Associate Professor

Curriculum and Instruction Masters’ Degree Program


321 A Eureka Hall

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