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Computer Science 008s: Self-Paced Introduction to Internet Technologies

Catalog Description: CSC 008S. Self-Paced Introduction to Internet Technologies. Covers the same material as CSC 8, Introduction to Internet Technologies. Provided by electronic means in addition to meetings for orientation, laboratory demonstrations, and tests. Internet applications such as Email, instant messaging, file transfer, secure communications, the Web, and related tools and protocols. Basics of the Web-publishing process and methods used to locate authoritative information on the Internet. Webpage design, Internet security and emerging/declining technologies on the Internet.

Prerequisite and requirements: Basic computer literacy recommended.

Number of Units: 2 - Graded Credit/No Credit.

Important Information for the Spring 2007 Semester

  • Orientation Meeting: TBD Location: ARC 1015. This will be the ONLY time we will meet for the semester. See you there!

  • This course will be conducted entirely online -- using WebCT. We will be using the latest version of WebCT, WebCT version 6, which can be accessed from here: https://online.csus.edu. In order to access WebCT, you will need a valid SacLink account. If you need to register for one, do so online from the SacLink Web site: https://www.saclink.csus.edu/saclink/. If you've forgotten your login and/or password, see the SacLink "forgotten password" page: https://www.csus.edu/saclink/faq/forgotPass.stm.

  • The textbook (mandatory) for this class, "New Perspectives on the Internet, Sixth Edition, Comprehensive (New Perspectives", will be available in the bookstore sometime in August. This book is also available on Amazon.com. Author: Schneider/Evans, ISBN: 1-4188-6071-9


Last updated: 08/27/2007