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  • Creativity Web
    A wonderful collection of activities and resources for creativity and Innovation
  • Global Ideas Bank
    An outstanding collection of creative solutions to problems
  • The Enchanted Mind
    This site affirms that "everyone has latent creativity waiting to unfold" and offers techniques to add "flexibility to your mind."
  • The Innovation Network
    Links you to information related to Thinksmart e-mail newsletter and much other information
  • Creativity--Thinking Out of the Box --the National Center for Creativity
  • Creative Quotations
    Quotations linked to five components of creativity.
  • Creativity Cafe
    Creativity Cafe features "Storytellers of the New Millennium" with interactive programs.
  • It Should Exist
    A web site for posting uninvented inventions--in other words, what we need to have invented. You can also post responses to the needed inventions others post.
  • Exploring Women's Creativity
    This page starts with a focus on quilting, but goes beyond that in this section.
  • Rube Goldberg
    Rube Goldberg is the designer of those fantastic inventions where you drop a pen, which lifts a weight which starts a chain turning which shoots an arrow which stabs a chicken who lays an egg which rolls down into a frying pan, and there you have breakfast, etc. Check it out for fun.
  • Winston Brill
    Although this site is designed to sell creativity consultant Winston Brill, it offers numerous articles about creativity.
  • Pete Russel's Mind Mapping Page
    Explains how to mind map and some advantages of the process
  • Edward DeBono's Web Page
    Home page of the creator of "lateral thinking" and the "six hats" method
  • Inspiration Mind Mapping Software
    Product information for mind mapping software plus demonstration editions to download.
  • IdeaFisher
    Product information for idea generating software
  • Creative Education Foundation
    National organization for creativity research and programs