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Dr. Beth D. Kivel

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Contact Information


Associate Professor and Chair

Office Hours:

2-5:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoons




(916) 278-6429

Office Fax: (916) 278-5053


CSU, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6110

Courses: Spring, 2007

  • RLS 207 -- Grantwriting for Leisure Services


Papers and Publications :

Kivel, B.D. (2006). Rereading David Gray and the politics of leisure. George Butler Lecture: Leisure Research Symposium.

Kivel, B.D. (2005). Examining racism, power, and white hegemony in Stodolska's conditioned attitude model of individual discriminatory behavior Leisure Sciences, 27(1).

Kivel, B.D. (2005). The founding of the lavender youth recreation and information center (LYRIC). In GLBT History – 1988-1992. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press. (Article published by Salem Press, but available on EBSCO Host GLBT Database.

Johnson, C. & Kivel, B.D. (2005). Moving beyond “virtual equality”: Queering leisure research, practice, and activism. Leisure Research Symposium for the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), in San Antonio, Texas.

Kivel, B.D. & Johnson, C. (2005). Leisure experience and ‘justice to come’: Troubling race in North American leisure studies. The eleventh Canadian Congress on Leisure Research (CCLR) in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. (May, 2005).

Kivel, B.D. (2005). Understanding collective memory work: An alternative research method. Leisure Research and Education Symposium. California and Pacific Southwest Recreation and Park Training Conference – Sacramento.

Kivel, B.D. & Pinch, K. How issues of race and racism create challenges in linking people to the outdoors. Social Aspects of Recreation Research. San Francisco, CA (February, 2004).

Kivel, B.D. & Scraton, S.J. Theorizing experience and race in leisure sciences. Leisure Research Symposium, National Recreation and Park Association. St. Louis, MO (October, 2003).

Henderson, K.A., Hodges, S. & Kivel, B.D. (2002) Context and Dialogue in research on women and leisure. Journal of Leisure Research 34(3), 253-271.

Henderson , K.A., Bialeschki, M.D., Hemingway, J.L, Hodges, J.S., Kivel, B.D. & Sessoms, H.D. (2001). Introduction to recreation and leisure services, Eighth Edition. State College, PA: Venture Publishing.

Kivel, B.D. (2001). Book Review in Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. Leisure Studies: Prospects for the 21 st Century.

Kivel, B.D. & Kleiber, D.A. (2000). Leisure in the identity formation of lesbian/gay youth: Personal, but not social. Leisure Sciences, 22(4), 215-232.

Sausser, C., Dattillo, J. & Kivel, B.D. (2000). Leisure in the lives of people with HIV and AIDS: Implications for leisure services. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration.

Kivel, B.D. (2000). Leisure, experience and identity: What difference does difference make? Journal of Leisure Research, 32(1), 79-81. Invited author.

Kivel, B.D. (2000). Constructing the other: Leisure and the development of sexual identities. In M.T. Allison & I.E. Schneider (Eds.) Diversity and the Recreation Profession: Organizational Perspectives, 263-277. State College, PA: Venture Publishing.

Kivel, P. & Kivel, B.D. (2000). Beyond cultural competence: Building alliances and sharing power in recreational programs. In M.T. Allison & I.E. Schneider (Eds.) Diversity and the Recreation Profession: Organizational Perspectives, 157-178. State College, PA: Venture Publishing.

Kivel, B.D. & Johnson, C.W. (forthcoming). (De)Constructing the “Other”: Fostering leisure and the development of Sexuality. In M.T. Allison & I.E. Schneider (Eds.). Diversity and the Recreation Profession: Organizational Perspectives.

Johnson, C. & Kivel, B.D. (2006). Gender, sexuality and queer theory in sport. In C. Aitchison & S.J. Scraton (Eds.) Gender, sport and identity. London: Routledge.

Professional Service

Associate Editor, Journal of Leisure Research, January, 2005-ongoing




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Research Projects/Interests :

Leisure and issues of Identity Formation

Leisure Theory

Leisure and ideologies of race, sexuality and gender


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Professional Associations :

Member, National Recreation and Park Association

Program Planning Committee, California Parks and Recreation Society

Committee Member, California Foundation for Parks and Recreation

Redevelopment Advisory Committee, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (Oak Park Neighborhood Association)

Leadership Team, Office of Community Collaboration




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