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  Fall 2007


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Stephan Kroll joined the Department of Economics in August 2003 after four years in the Department of Economics at St. Lawrence University.  He graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wyoming in 1999 (Master's Degree in 1996) and did his undergraduate work at the Universitat Dortmund in Germany from 1989 to 1993.

From June 1 2005 to August 31 2006, he spent 15 months at the Center for Experimental Economics, Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, Austria. 

His main research and teaching interests are in experimental and environmental economics.  He is particularly interested in behavioral and institutional underpinnings of environmental policies, in theory and experiments.

Stephan has taught Principles of Economics, Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Economics for Environmentalists, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization, Money and Banking and Benefit-Cost Analysis.



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Monday, Wednesday 9:30-12:00; or by appointment

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skroll at

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(916) 278-7062


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Department of Economics
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6000 J Street
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Fall 2007 Classes

  • Econ 001B, Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis, Section 3 (MW 12:00-1:15) and 4 (MW 3:30-4:45).  The class website for both sections is on Aplia.
  • Econ 120, Environmental Economics (MW 2:00-3:15). The class website is on WebCT.

Spring 2008 Classes

  • Econ 001B, Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis.  The class website will be on Aplia.
  • Elective class TBD.



Journal Articles:

  • “The Impact of Endowment Heterogeneity and Origin on Contributions in Best-Shot Public Good Games,” forthcoming in Experimental Economics (with Todd L. Cherry and Jason F. Shogren).
  • “Voting, Punishment and Public Goods,” Economic Inquiry 2007, 45/3, 557-570 (with Todd L. Cherry and Jason F. Shogren).
  •  “Parochialism and Approval Voting” Journal of Conflict Resolution 2005, 49/6, 895-907 (with Jonathan Baron and Nicole Altman).
  •  “The Impact of Endowment Heterogeneity and Origin on Public Good Contributions: Evidence from the Lab” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2005, 57/3, 357-365 (with Todd L. Cherry and Jason F. Shogren).
  • “Social Capital: What is the Value of Hunting Club Memberships?” Human Dimensions of Wildlife 2004, 9/1, 57-68 (with Cynthia Green and Therese Grijalva). 
  • “Crashing the Party: An Experimental Investigation of Strategic Voting in Primary Elections,” Public Choice 2003, 114/3-4, 387-420 (with Todd L. Cherry).
  • “Endogenous Timing in a Gaming Tournament,” Theory and Decision 1999, 47/1, 1-21 (with Kyung Hwan Baik, Todd L.Cherry and Jason F. Shogren).


Book Chapters and Other Publications:

  • “Taxes, Expenditures, Ideology, and Happiness,” State Tax Notes (with Robert Wassmer and Edward Lascher), March 19, 2007.
  •  “Incoming Tourism: Systematic Approaches of International Tourism Behavior—The Case Study of Germany,” in Helmut Wachowiak (ed.), Tourism and Borders, Hampshire, UK: Ashgate Publishing (2006), 47-76 (with Christian Rast).
  • “Globalization and Climate Protection: Some Microeconomic Foundations for Integration,” in Horst Siebert (ed.), Global Governance-An Architecture for the World Economy, Berlin: Springer (2003), (with Jason F. Shogren).
  • “Environmental Conflicts and Interconnected Games: An Experimental Note on Institutional Design,” in Nick Hanley and Henk Folmer (eds.), Game Theory and the Environment, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar (1998), 204-18 (with Charles F. Mason and Jason F. Shogren).


Edited Book:


Environmental Economics, Experimental Methods, with Todd L. Cherry and Jason F. Shogren, Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics, ISBN 9780415770729, Publication Date: 12/10/2007.



Working Papers and Research Projects

  • “Conditional Cooperation on Three Continents” (with Todd L. Cherry, Martin Kocher, Robert Netzer and Matthias Sutter), revise and resubmit to Economics Letters.
  • “Do You Not Like Pigou or Do You Not Understand him? Tax Aversion in the Lab” (with Steffen Kallbekken).
  • “Trading German Agricultural Payment Entitlements: An Experimental Investigation” (with Enno Bahrs and Matthias Sutter).
  • “Can Equilibrium Price and Efficiency be Found on E-Bay?” (with Enno Bahrs and Matthias Sutter).
  • “The Effects of Endogenous Exchange Rates on Subject Behavior in Public Good Experiments” (with David Zetland).
  • Reciprocity Spillover in Laboratory Markets” (with Jason F. Shogren).
  • “Competition and Principal-Agent Games: The Effect of a Competitive Market on Reciprocal Interaction in Groups” (with Martin G. Kocher, Tamar Kugler and Matthias Sutter).
  • “How Robust is the Conditional Cooperation Phenomenon: An International Comparison” (with Martin Kocher and Peter Martinsson).
  • “Cooperative Behavior under Team Influence” (with Todd L. Cherry, Martin Kocher, Robert Netzer und Matthias Sutter).
  • “State and Local Tax and Expenditure Choices as Determinants of Individual Happiness” (with Ted Lascher and Rob Wassmer).
  • “Pricing Options in California Water Markets: A Laboratory Approach” (with Jonathan D. Kaplan, Richard Howitt and Kristine Hansen).
  • “Arbitraging Allais” (with Zafar Khan and Jason F. Shogren).
  • “The Prisoner’s Dilemma in a Two-Level Game: An Experimental Investigation,” (with John A. List and Charles F. Mason).
  • “International Public Goods in Two-Level Games” (with Jason F. Shogren).
  • “International Environmental Agreements in Two-Level Games: Overview and Research Agenda.”



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